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August 1998 Preprints

  • 1581     Asymptotic Dynamical Difference between the Nonlocal and Local Swift-Hohenberg Models
    Guoguang Lin, Hongjun Gao, Jinqiao Duan, and Vincent J. Ervin
    [PDF (281K) or PostScript (455K)]

  • 1582     Spatial Hidden Symmetries in Pattern Formation
    Gabriela M. Gomes, Isabel S. Labouriau, and Eliana M. Pinho
    [PDF (664K) or Compressed PostScript (1.2M)]

  • 1583     Dynamics and Bifurcations of a 3D System Modeling Thermal Instability
    Miaohua Jiang
    [PDF (412K) or Compressed PostScript (489K)]

  • 1584     Quasi-Monte Carlo Studies of Spatial Averages of Quadratic Maps
    Miaohua Jiang
    [PDF (332K) or Compressed PostScript (775K)]

  • 1585     Generic Hopf Bifurcation from Lines of Equilibria without Parameters: III. Binary Oscillations
    Bernold Fiedler, Stefan Liebscher, and James C. Alexander
    [PDF (444K) or PostScript (801K)]

  • 1586     Geometric Analysis of Population Rhythms in Synaptically Coupled Neuronal Networks
    J. Rubin and D. Terman
    [PDF (1.7M), or PostScript (1.3M)]

  • 1587     The Analysis of a Coating Flow with Evaporation
    Jürgen Socolowsky
    [PDF (482K) or PostScript (655K) ]

  • 1588     Analysis of a Mathematical Model of the Effect of Inhibitors on the Growth of Tumors
    Shangbin Cui and Avner Friedman
    [PDF (814K) or PostScript (1M)]
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