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IMA Participating Corporations Benefits

The IMA serves as a valuable resource to industry though its programs and vast connections. The Participating Corporation (PC) Program is the chief mechanism for the institute to collaborate with industry. Because the IMA connects scientists, engineers, and mathematicians in order to stimulate the flow of ideas, address interesting and relevant problems, and develop the means of solving them, the institute is a highly valuable resource to many industries. Moreover, interaction with and input from industrial scientists and engineers is vital to the accomplishment of the IMA's mission.

Opportunities for industry collaboration include joint sponsorships of postdoctoral fellows and workshops in areas of importance to industry. The institute’s experience and reputation have made it a highly effective venue for housing and administering programs and workshops. The IMA also provides access to cutting-edge scientific programs and a roster of well-known scientists across multiple disciplines which attracts the support of many different sectors of industry. Inquiries concerning the IMA Participating Corporation program should be sent to the director of the IMA.

  Access to the IMA scientific community
  Access to IMA research products
  Maximal opportunities for participation by corporate scientists and engineers
  Direct influence on IMA directions and programming

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