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Fall 2002
Distribution Systems: Location and Vehicle Routing
December 2-6, 2002

2002-2003 Program: Optimization

Université de Montréal

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Jointly sponsored with the Centre de recherches mathématiques and the Centre de recherche sur les transports.


Michel Gendreau
Centre de Recherche sur les Transports
Université de Montréal


Gilbert Laporte
Centre de Recherche sur les Transports
École des Hautes Études Commerciales
Université de Montréal

The questions surrounding distribution systems are of prime economic importance. The scale of these systems is increasing at a fast rate, because of the growth of international commerce and travel. The advent of e-commerce will only increase their scale, as well as change their nature; goods purchased over the internet must be delivered; also, they often get returned. Related to these questions is the rich field of network design problems, which arise in particular in transportation logistics and in telecommunications planning.

The theory of location is evolving, with questions such as competitive location or the location of non-punctual or structured objects being studied; in routing, the advent of better communication devices and increased computational power make real-time dynamic routing a possibility. These changes imply that new problems with different mathematical properties must be tackled and new algorithmic strategies devised.

This workshop will include a series of twenty surveys, covering both the more traditional and the newer subject areas, with additional contributions by conference participants. Areas covered include routing; location; economic aspects, pricing, e-commerce; fleet management; telecommunications; network design.

Monday AM NETWORK DESIGN 1 Anant Balakrishnan
Bernard Gendron
Monday PM NETWORK DESIGN 2 Martine Labbé
Teodor Gabriel Crainic
Tuesday AM LOCATION I Erhan Erkut
Mark Daskin
Tuesday PM CREW SCHEDULING Cynthia Barnhart
Jacques Desrosiers
Wednesday AM LOCATION 2 Pierre Hansen
Abdullah Dasci
Wednesday PM FLEET MANAGEMENT 1 Martin Savelsbergh
Michel Gendreau
Thursday AM ARC ROUTING 1 Alain Hertz
Gilbert Laporte
Thursday PM ARC ROUTING 2 Angel Corberan
André Langevin
Maria Grazia Speranza
Friday PM FLEET MANAGEMENT 2 Jean-Yves Potvin
Jean-François Cordeau



As of 7/23/2002
Name Department Affiliation
Gilbert Laporte Canada Research Chair in Distribution Management Universite de Montreal

2002-2003 Program: Optimization
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