University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota
Mathematics of Materials and Macromolecules: Multiple Scales, Disorder, and Singularities, September 2004 - June 2005

Friday Focus Group: Soft Matter


Maria-Carme Calderer
School of Mathematics
University of Minnesota

Chun Liu
Department of Mathematics
Penn State University

Eugene Terentjev
Cavendish Laboratory
University of Cambridge

The focus group on soft matter will meet on Fridays to work on identifying problems and on developing models and analytic and numerical methods to solve them. Topics addressed by the group during the fall semester may include liquid crystals, ferroelectric materials, elastomers, polymers and gels.

During the months of January and February, in addition to the continuation of the topics initiated in the fall, the group will focus on polymer rheology. The focus of efforts during the months of March and April will be on complex fluids.

In addition to the above organizers, long-term visitors will help to set topics, organize activities, and coordinate participation with short-term visitors.

Talks in this focus group will be part of the Materials Seminar.


Focus Group Meetings