Connections between resources

David W. Farmer

American Institute of Mathematics

Tools for research and education should make better use of the capabilities of the Web.

What has Ben Brubaker been up to?

Creating good textbooks, and making them useful

WeBWorK directly in the text

What does that word mean?         An example from Gregg Musiker

I want to know X. What is the minimum I need to get there?

Prove that if the inverse of a matrix exists then it is unique

CuratedCourses: a new approach to cataloging educational material

CuratedCourses: every definition and theorem in introductory linear algebra

Three books on linear algebra (so far)

Repository of SageMath cells

Connections from SageMath

Interfacing Sage to the LMFDB:
            work of David Lowry-Duda and Simon Brandhorst

GitHub repository

A talk from Sage Days 87



Collected works of Travis Scrimshaw
see last section of Rigged configurations and the * -involution



Supplementary material in the margin