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for the New Directions Short Course

Mathematical Neuroscience

June 16-27, 2008

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Information Theory/Population Coding

B.B. Averbeck, P. E. Latham, and A. Pouget. Neural correlations, population coding and computation. Nat Rev Neurosci, 7:358-66, 2006.

This review paper contains many references on the relationship between population coding and correlations, using both Shannon and Fisher information.

P.E. Latham and S. Nirenberg. Synergy, redundancy, and independence in population codes, revisited. J Neurosci, 25:5195-5206, 2005.

S. Nirenberg and P. E. Latham. Decoding neuronal spike trains: how important are correlations? Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A., 100:7348-7353, 2003.

These two papers go through all the details for Shannon information.

E. Schneidman, W. Bialek, and M. J. Berry 2nd. Synergy, redundancy, and independence in population codes. J Neurosci, 23:11539-11553, 2003.

This paper gives the other side of the debate, arguing against the above two papers.