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Donor Stories

Donald Kahn
"I have had some involvement with the IMA since its founding; I was a member of one of the lesser committees which dealt with the logistics at the time of the first application to the NSF. The IMA has played a major role in putting Minnesota and the School of Mathematics on the map worldwide, all the way from financial mathematics to category theory. I think that the IMA deserves to have endowment funds so that it may continue, regardless of the vicissitudes of politics and the economy."
—Donald Kahn, University of Minnesota
Roger Lui
"I participated in one of the IMA New Directions Short Course and I spent ten months at the IMA during my sabbatical year. I learned a lot and made a lot of friends when I was there. IMA enhances the competitiveness of this country and the results of its research have benefited many. Therefore, I want to do my part to support the IMA financially so that its good work can continue."
—Roger Lui, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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