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IMA Hot Topics Workshop
Algorithmic Methods for Semiconductor Circuitry
November 24-25, 1997


Jacob White, MIT

The aim of the workshop was to bring together researchers who work on algorithmic methods together with researchers in semiconductor circuitry in order to address the difficult computational issues that arise in circuitry. The activities included informal presentations and discussions.


  • Linear and nonlinear model-order reduction (including eigenvalue-calculation based approach).

  • Methods for quasiperiodic analysis (including nonlinear phenomena in oscillating circuits: stability and bifurcation).

  • Fast PDE solvers plus MOR

  • Partitioning methods covering areas such as waveform relaxation, domain decomposition (parallel circuit simulation) and mixed level simulation.

Workshop Schedule

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W. Miller, R. Gulliver,
J. White
Welcome and Orientation
Radio-Frequency Circuit Analysis-Part I
Ken Kundert
Open Problems in RF Simulation
Peter Feldmann
Bell Labs
Simulation of the periodic and quasi-periodic solutions of nonlinear circuits
Jaijeet Roychowdhury
Bell Labs
A Unifying Formulation for Analysing Multi-Rate Circuits
Jacob White
Some Numerical Issues in Oscillator Noise Computation
Discussion Session Kundert, Feldmann, Roychowdhury, White et al.
Radio-Frequency Circuit Analysis-Part II
Michael Green,
Univ. of California, Irvine
Improved DC and Steady-State Circuit Simulation Using Probability-one Continuation Methods
Ljiljana Trajkovic,
Univ. of California, Berkeley
Homotopy Algorithms for Finding DC and Steady State Solutions of Nonlinear Circuits
Rolf Neubert,
Siemens AG
Computation of Periodic Solutions of Electrical Circuits in the Neighborhood of Hopf Bifurcation Points
Discussion Session Green, Trajkovic, Neubert et al.
Workshop Buffet  
Electromagnetic Analysis
Albert Ruehli
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
On the Stability of Partial Element Equivalent Circuits for the Electromagnetic Modeling of VLSI Interconnects
Robert Wagner,
Efficient Time and Frequency Characterization of Electromagnetic Devices Using Fast-Sweep Methods and Circuit Models
Joel R. Phillips
Combining model-reduction and integral-equation solvers
Discussion Session Ruehli, Wagner, Phillips et al.
Problems in Digital Circuit Analysis
Tuyen V. Nguyen,
IBM Austin Research Laboratory
Circuit Analysis Problems in High Frequency Digital Designs
Martin Kahlert,
Siemens AG
A Modified Jakobi-Davidson Algorithm for Parasitic Reduction of Large RC-Interconnect Problems
Abe Elfadel,
IBM Watson Research Center
Circuit Optimization, tent.
Discussion Session Nguyen, Kahlert, Elfadel (tent.) et al.

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