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Talk Abstract
Multi-Analyte Profiling with Suspension ArraysTM

James W. Jacobson, Ph.D.
Senior Director
Research & Development
Luminex Corporation
12212 Technology Blvd
Austin, TX 78727

The Luminex LabMAPTM (Laboratory Multi-Analyte Profiling) couples bioassays with advanced digital signal processing and proprietary identification techniques to perform a full range of molecular tests in real time. The general configuration of a LabMAP nucleic acid assay can be described as a Bead BlotTM where specific oligonucleotide capture probes are covalently coupled to the surfaces of internally dyed microspheres. Fluorescent dyes contained within the microspheres provide unique spectral characteristics allowing each microsphere set to be distinguished from all others in the multiplex. The target is labeled for fluorescent detection. Data will be presented describing rapid, multiplexed molecular genetic analyses that demonstrate the utility of the platform. Benefits of the system include speed, economy, flexibility, and advanced capabilities. The potential for simultaneous detection of tens, hundreds, and even thousands of nucleic acid targets provides for simultaneous, rapid, sensitive, and specific molecular genetic analyses.

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