Towards a Better Evaluation of Football Players

Friday, February 18, 2022 - 1:25pm - 2:25pm
Walter Library 402

Eric Eager (ProFootballFocus (PFF))

The game of football is undergoing a significant shift towards the quantitative. Much of the progress made in the analytics space can be attributed to play-by-play data and charting data.  However, recent years have given rise to tracking data, which has opened the door for innovation that was not possible before. In this talk I will describe how to gain an edge in player evaluation by building off of traditional charting data with state-of-the-art player tracking data, and foreshadow how such methods will revolutionize the sport of football in the future.

Eric Eager is the head of research, development and innovation at PFF, a worldwide leader in sports data and analytics. Prior to joining PFF, Eric earned a PhD in mathematical biology from the University of Nebraska, publishing 25 papers in applied mathematics, mathematical biology, ecology and the scholarship of teaching and learning. Eric is a native of Maplewood, MN.