Systems Modeling in Biopharma

Friday, October 16, 2020 - 1:25pm - 2:25pm
Helen Moore (Applied BioMath)
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Quantitative systems pharmacology (QSP) models are increasingly being used for decision making in the biotechnology/pharmaceutical (biopharma) industry. QSP models are typically systems of ordinary differential equations with some mechanistic level of detail of the disease and a therapy. Parameters in a QSP model may be estimated from data, or obtained from the literature or from input from disease/biology experts. Once parameter values or distributions are determined, a QSP model can be used for predictive purposes. I will show some examples of QSP models used in projects for various applications in the biopharma industry. I will also mention some of the issues and open problems for the use of QSP models. 

Dr. Moore is a mathematician who spent 11 years in academia working in modeling and optimization, primarily in oncology, immunology, and virology. While in academia, she won two teaching awards and received a National Science Foundation grant for her research. During 14 years in the biopharma industry, she has worked in a variety of therapeutic areas and drug development stages at Genentech, Certara, Bristol-Myers Squibb, AstraZeneca, and now Applied BioMath. In 2018, she was named a Fellow of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. Her current work includes mechanistic ODE systems modeling, modeling of tumor dynamics, optimization of combination regimens, and quantitative evaluation of predictive mathematical models. She graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1989, and earned her PhD in mathematics from Stony Brook University in New York in 1995.