Modulated Luminescence Tomography

Wednesday, May 1, 2019 - 11:20am - 12:10pm
Lind 305
Plamen Stefanov (Purdue University)
We analyze a mathematical model of the Modulated Luminescent Tomography. Certain phosphorescent contrast agents (for example, nanophosphors) are delivered to the cells and then illuminated with X-rays. The illuminated particles emit photons which scatter through the tissue and are detected outside the body. The goal is to recover the concentration of the contrast agents. This is a hybrid method in which the resolution is achieved by the illumination unlike thermo and photo-acoustic tomography. We show that when single X-rays or focused X-rays are used as an excitation, the problem is similar to the inversion of weighted X-ray transforms. In particular, we give an explicit inversion in the case of Dual Cone X-ray excitation. We also show that using several X rays at a time leads to artifacts.

This a joint work with Ge Wang (RPI) and his group.
MSC Code: 
44A12, 35R30