So, How Do You Get a Job?

Friday, March 29, 2019 - 1:25pm - 2:25pm
Lind 305
Chang Lee (Lowe's)
I was late. I only decided to find a job in industry in the 4th year of my graduate study even though I never had a job outside of academia. The one question that I kept asking was: how do you get a job?

It was scary because I did't know what to do. But I ended up getting a job. And today, I think I'm doing fine.

If you are about to start on the path to industry but you feel that you are full of questions and doubts, then this talk may be for you. In this talk, I will show you two things:

1. my experience of going into industry, and
2. how to thrive in it.

You will walk away with guidelines and tips that I learned from my mistakes and observations. It will help you save time and avoid frustrations in the process.

Chang currently works as a data scientist at Lowe's. He entered into the data science field as an intern for a baseball team, the Tampa Bay Rays. He got his Ph.D in Mathematics from Vanderbilt University in 2017 under Alex Powell. Besides math and data, Chang has become a soul food advocate and survives on barbecue and hot chicken. You can learn more about his experience outside of academia at his blog: and his YouTube channel: