Internship/Job Searching 101: Answering Your Most Asked Beginner Questions

Friday, March 8, 2019 - 1:25pm - 2:25pm
Lind 305
Whitney Moore (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities)
Internship/job searching is a multifaceted process that can summon many questions along the way! During this workshop, we will aim to address your most asked questions about getting started with your search, including:
- Where to find internships/jobs to apply for
- What to look for and how to read an internship/job posting
- What you can be doing now and over the summer to help prepare for your search.
There will be time to discuss more questions during the session, so come with your questions in hand!

Whitney Moore has been a Career Counselor in the CSE Career Center at the University of Minnesota since the fall of 2011. Her passion lies in living a life of positivity and inspiring others to do the same, particularly while navigating career and leadership development. In addition to her work at the U of M, Whitney is a past President of the Minnesota College and University Career Services Association (MCUCSA) and holds degrees from Gustavus Adolphus College and Minnesota State University, Mankato. Away from campus, Whitney is motivated by running with her dog, competing in triathlon, eating baked goods, and exploring MN with her husband. As an utter positivist, you can also find her musings on living with positivity on Instagram at @ThePositivistExplorer!