WiDS technical vision talks

Monday, March 5, 2018 - 12:10pm - 12:50pm
Mala Anand, SAP Leonardo Data Analytics
Healthcare Beyond the Horizon --- Going Digital To Improve People's Lives
Never before have there been so many promising breakthrough technologies available - and with it, opportunities to dramatically change the way we live every day. Nowhere is this more evident than in Healthcare, where we see technologies like Analytics, IoT, Machine Learning, Big Data and Blockchain playing significant roles in transforming people’s lives all over the planet. Mala Anand, President of SAP Leonardo, Data & Analytics, will provide some insight on how the healthcare industry is going digital and how far we can possibly go to improve patient outcomes.

Lada Adamic, Facebook
How Cascades Grow
This talk will describe several studies of information diffusion in social networks. The early spread of the cascade can be used to predict features such as size and shape, as well as whether it will recur. The information itself may change in the course of propagation, revealing the evolutionary structure of memes. Finally, the structure of the cascade can vary depending on the underlying mechanism by which the information is shared.