Macroscale implications of optical conductivity: Dispersion by homogenization and curvature renormalization

Thursday, March 29, 2018 - 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Lind 409
Dionisios Margetis (University of Maryland)
In this talk, I will discuss macroscopic consequences of the optical conductivity of 2D materials via classical solutions of Maxwell's equations. In this context, the phase of the conductivity plays a key role. I will formally show that: (I) The homogenization of Maxwell's equations for periodic structures made of 2D materials intercalated in conventional dielectrics allows for propagation of waves with nearly no phase delay (epsilon-near-zero behavior). (II) The dispersion relation for evanescent waves near curved 2D materials can be considered as a renormalization of the dispersion relation for a flat boundary. [Part I of this talk is joint work with M. Maier, A. Mellet, M. Luskin, M. Mattheakis and E. Kaxiras]
MSC Code: 
35J05, 78A48, 78M35, 65N30