A mechanistic view of cortical spreading depression using data from microelectrode arrays: From transmembrane currents to spiking

Tuesday, February 13, 2018 - 10:45am - 11:45am
Lind 305
Jorge Riera (Florida International University)
In this presentation, I will revisit current mechanistic views about the propagation of cortical spreading depressions using electrophysiological data from rats obtained by means of high-resolution microelectrode arrays (MEA). Firstly, I will discuss the existence of facilitation/adaptation mechanisms in the CSD propagation, potentially related to cell swelling and dendritic beading. Secondly, I will present our findings about a cortical-depth dependency in the propagation velocity of the CSD. I will also comment on a short-term (~1 minute) sequencing profile in the neuronal silencing involving different neuronal populations (i.e., interneurons and pyramidal cells). Finally, I will introduce a new method for current source estimation in the presence of traveling waves of neuronal activity, and present results from applying it to understand CSD laminar profiles of the transmembrane currents. In conclusion, MEAs offer a unique framework for characterization of spatiotemporal profiles of neuronal depolarization in vivo, relevant network connections, and associated differences in putative neuronal firing rates during CSD events.