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IMA Thematic Year on Infinite Dimensional and Stochastic Dynamical Systems and Their Applications
September 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013

The theory of infinite dimensional dynamical systems is a vibrant field of mathematical development and has become central to the study of complex physical, biological, and societal processes. The most immediate examples of a theoretical nature are found in the interplay between invariant structures and the qualitative behavior of solutions to evolutionary partial differential equations (PDEs) of parabolic or hyperbolic types. Insight has also been gained from the theory of infinite dimensional dynamics into the solution structure for nonlinear elliptic equations, including those arising in geometry. Other important and general topics, besides PDEs and dynamics in abstract spaces, addressed by the theory of infinite dimensional dynamical systems, include delay differential equations, lattice dynamics, and evolutionary systems with spatially nonlocal interaction.

Please explore the tabs below to get a fuller description of the program -- the organizing committee, their vision for the year, and the workshops being planned. The IMA will select up to 8 postdoctoral fellows to participate in the program.

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