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2012 PI Summer Graduate Program
Algebraic Geometry for Applications
June 18 - July 6, 2012

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Georgia Institute of Technology

Deadline extended to April 8, 2012

Greg BlekhermanGeorgia Institute of Technology
Anton LeykinGeorgia Institute of Technology
Josephine YuGeorgia Institute of Technology
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This program is primarily for graduate students of IMA Participating Institutions. Support for a limited number of students at other U.S. universities will be provided through funding from the National Science Foundation.In order to participate, students need to complete the online application form provide a personal statement and (1) a letter of nomination from the PI chair (for students from an IMA PI) or (2) a recommendation letter (for students from institutions that are not IMA PI).

From Monday, June 18, 2012 through Friday, July 6, 2012, Georgia Institute of Technology will be the host of the IMA PI Summer Graduate Program in Mathematics.

Techniques and algorithmic methods from algebraic geometry are making an impact on applied mathematics and engineering. Algebraic techniques provide new approaches to hard computational problems. They deliver exact answers desired in many applications through symbolic computation, and enhance approximate numerical solving.

The program will be structured around a course in computational algebraic geometry, treating foundational material as well as current applications. The foundations will include introductions to Gröbner bases, numerical algebraic geometry, semidefinite programming and real algebraic geometry, and tropical geometry. We will include tutorials and lab sessions on computer algebra systems. There will be several guest lectures by the leading researchers in the field.

Main Lecture Topics

  • Polynomial Optimization and Real Algebraic Geometry
  • Computer Algebra and Numerical Algebraic Geometry
  • Tropical Geometry
Guest Lecturers
Alicia Dickenstein University of Buenos Aires
Diane Maclagan University of Warwick
Pablo Parrilo Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Mike Stillman Cornell University
Bernd Sturmfels UC Berkeley
Rekha Thomas University of Washington
Charles Wampler General Motors

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