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IMA Special Workshop
July 25-29, 2011

1.How much experience using Macaulay2 did you have before the conference?

2.Was the workshop useful in stimulating your ideas for future Macaulay2 packages?
3.Did you find your time at the workshop productive? Productive is defined broadly here, and includes working on packages specifically, but could also mean meeting others, opportunities to discuss the ideas you hoped to discuss, mentoring and being mentored.

4.How likely do you think you are to submit a package to the Journal of Software for Algebra and Geometry: Macaulay2?
5.How likely are you to apply for a similar Macaulay2 workshop in the next five years?
6.How useful did you find the workshop for making contacts with others who use Macaulay2 and write packages for it?
7.What were the best aspects of this workshop, in your opinion?
8.Do you have suggestions for future Macaulay2 workshops? For example, would you find it helpful to have more formal mentoring activities?
9.Beyond the workshop, do you have suggestions that would help us serve the Macaulay2 community?
10.What is your gender?

11.What is your academic status?

12.The facilities were appropriate
13.Hotel accommodations were satisfactory.
14.Please provide any additional comments:
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