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IMA Special Workshop
Wavelets and Applications: A Multi-Disciplinary Undergraduate Course with an Emphasis on Scienti fic Computing
July 13-16, 2011

Catherine BeneteauUniversity of South Florida
Caroline HaddadCollege at Geneseo, SUNY
David RuchMetropolitan State College of Denver
Patrick Van FleetUniversity of St. Thomas
Wavelet theory evolved as mathematicians from areas such as harmonic anal- ysis, functional analysis, and approximation theory brought their specialties together to develop the foundational results and construct algorithms for use in applications. Through development of an undergraduate course on wavelets, the organizer came to realize that the very manner in which wavelet theory came into being is an e ective way to present the material to under- graduates. Constructing discrete wavelet transforms in an ad hoc manner (1) shows students that real-world problems are typically solved by using di er- ent areas of mathematics, (2) solidi es ideas from sophomore calculus and linear algebra, (3) establishes the computer as an e ective learning tool, (4) provides strong motivation for taking upper level classes such as real analysis, (5) allows students to learn about a current topic and its uses in real-world applications.

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