Mastering Impact of Uncertainties by Robust Design Optimization Techniques for Turbo-Machinery

Saturday, June 4, 2011 - 9:00am - 10:00am
Lind 305
Albert Gilg (Siemens AG)
Deterministic design optimization approaches are no longer satisfactory for industrial high technology products. Product and process designs often exploit physical limits to improve performance. In this regime uncertainty originating from fluctuations during fabrication and small disturbances in system operations severely impacts product performance and quality. Design robustness becomes a key issue in optimizing industrial designs.
We present challenges and solution approaches implemented in our robust design tool RoDeO applied turbo charger design. In addition to the challenges for electricity generating turbines, turbo chargers have to work efficiently for a wide range of rotation frequencies. Time-consuming aerodynamic (CFD) and mechanical (FEM) computations for large sets of frequencies became a severely limiting factor even for deterministic optimization. Further more constrained deterministic optimization could not guarantee critical design limits under impact of uncertainty during fabrication. Especially, the treatment of design constraints in terms of thresholds for von Mises stress or modal frequencies became crucial. We introduce an efficient approach for the numerical treatment of such chance constraints that even do not need additional CFD and FEM calculations in our robust design tool set.
An outlook for further design challenges concludes the presentation.

Contents of this presentation are joint work of U. Wever, M. Klaus, M. Paffrath and A. Gilg.