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IMA Special Workshop
Finite Element Circus featuring a Scientific Celebration of Falk, Pasciak, and Wahlbin
November 5-6, 2010

Jay GopalakrishnanUniversity of Florida
Johnny GuzmanBrown University
Peter MonkUniversity of Delaware

The Finite Element Circus is a conference series with a rich history, focusing on new developments in the finite element method (FEM) and applications. FEM plays a crucial role in simulation of engineering, physical, biological, and other scientific phenomena. A driving force for its success has been its mathematical analysis, which has led to novel competitive methods and significant improvements to existing methods. In line with IMA's annual theme, the Fall 2010 Circus will be held at the IMA.

As a special feature of this Circus, we will honor and celebrate the contributions of three trend setters in areas related to FEM: Richard S. Falk, Joseph E. Pasciak, and Lars B. Wahlbin.

Conference Format:

Like regular Circus meetings, we have randomly ordered talks volunteered by conference participants. However, unlike the regular circus, we have three plenary talks (45 minutes long), and invited attendees. Volunteers from the invited attendees and other participants present shorter contributed talks (whose length is determined, as usual, by the number of volunteers).

Plenary Speakers:
Douglas N. Arnold Mathematics, University of Minnesota
James H. Bramble Mathematics, Texas A&M University
Vidar Thomée Mathematics, Chalmers University of Technology

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