Image Registration with Applications in Medical Imaging Towards Drug Discovery and Development

Friday, November 14, 2008 - 1:25pm - 2:25pm
Vincent 570
Belma Dogdas (Merck & Co., Inc.)
Imaging can be used to develop effective biomarkers to provide
information on diseases and assessing therapeutic effects. In the past
decade, several imaging modalities have been used for early detection of
drug response. Although many imaging techniques are available to the
medical community, no single method provides all the necessary
information. For instance structural MR and CT imaging modalities
provide anatomical information whereas PET and optical imaging can
provide functional information. Often, it is useful to combine
complementary information from different modalities, through a technique
known as image registration. In addition, statistical characterization
of morphological differences within and between groups or automated
identification and labeling of specific anatomical structures with an
atlas requires image registration. Therefore it is essential to
understand image registration techniques to enable their effective use
in imaging applications. In this talk, I will describe recent advances
in image registration and provide examples of how it is being used in
medical imaging towards drug discovery and development.