Optical Synthetic Aperture Imaging

Friday, March 23, 2007 - 1:25pm - 2:25pm
Vincent 1
Joe Buck (Lockheed Martin Coherent Technologies )
The spatial resolution of a conventional imaging ladar system is constrained by the diffraction limit of the telescope's aperture. At Lockheed Martin Coherent Technologies (LMCT) we are implementing techniques known as synthetic-aperture imaging laser radar (SAIL), which employs aperture synthesis with coherent laser radar to overcome the diffraction limit and achieve fine-resolution, long-range, two-dimensional imaging with modest aperture diameters. I will discuss the results of my experiments while at The Aerospace Corporation which represent the first optical synthetic aperture images of a fixed, diffusely scattering target with moving aperture, as well as the current research program being developed at LMCT.