Image Reconstruction in Thermoacoustic Tomography

Wednesday, December 31, 1969 - 6:00pm
EE/CS 3-180
Gaik Ambartsoumian (Texas A & M University)
Thermoacoustic tomography (TCT or TAT) is a new and promising method
of medical imaging. It is based on a so-called hybrid imaging technique,
where the input and output signals have different physical nature. In TCT
a radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic pulse is sent through the biological
object triggering an acoustic wave measured on the edge of that object.
The obtained data is then used to recover the RF absorption function.

The poster addresses several problems of image reconstruction in
thermoacoustic tomography. The presented results include injectivity
properties of the related spherical Radon transform, its range description,
reconstruction formulas and their implementation as well as some other