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Imaging (September 2005 - June 2006)

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New Directions Short Course: Quantum Computation

August 15-26, 2005

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Alexei Kitaev (Department of Physics & Computer Science, California Institute of Technology),

Notes:  notes.pdf   Paper:  paper.pdf

Peter W. Shor (Department of Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Tuesday, 8/16 lecture slides:  lecture2.pdf
Wednesday, 8/17 lecture slides:  periodicity.pdf
Friday, 8/19 lecture slides:  entanglement.pdf
Monday, 8/22 lecture slides:  channels.pdf
Tuesday, 8/23 lecture slides:  cryptography.pdf
Wednesday, 8/24 lecture slides:  fault-tolerance.pdf
Thursday, 8/25 lecture slides:  stabilizers.pdf
Friday, 8/26 lecture slides:  additivity.pdf

John Watrous (Department of Computer Science, University of Calgary)

Slides:  quantum-proofs-watrous.pdf

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