Challenges in Industrial Optimization � Technical or Otherwise

Friday, October 10, 2003 - 1:25pm - 3:00pm
Vincent 570
Indraneel Das (United Technologies Corporation)
Numerous industrial problems have been approached using optimization and many corporations have benefited from the resulting solutions. Yet, why has it not grown into a core competency in the corporate world? The process of producing value for the industry using Optimization involves

(a) identifying/getting the problem
(b) analyzing the technical aspects and solving the problem
(c) explaining why the answer is the answer, and what is good about it
(d) setting oneself up for the next problem.

The speaker will discuss the challenges in each of these steps. In particular, he will point out the underlying technical challenges in optimization problems ranging from petroleum and telecommunications to manufacturing and energy solutions, all drawn from his diverse industrial background, and emphasize relevant areas of research.