Mathematics and Materials: The Role of Mathematics in a Materials Development Laboratory

Friday, February 8, 2002 - 10:10am - 1:00pm
Vincent 570
Cristina Thomas (3M)
Joint work with Sanat Mohanty (3M Company) and Miriam Freedman (School of Mathematics-U of MN).

Industrial scientists face the challenge of developing advanced materials by manipulating the relation between the chemical structure and the desired performance. Structure-Property predictions become a significant focus of computer modeling activities in the industrial world. In our laboratory ,The Advanced Materials Technology Center, we contribute to the innovation process via the utilization of mathematical and computational models that simulate material behavior. This talk will include three cases describing the use of Mathematics for materials/product development. The first case is an application of fractals for the purpose of surface characterization. The second case utilizes Monte Carlo Methods for the simulation of fluids in confined spaces. The last case captures the morphology evolution in block-copolymer systems using a density functional approach commonly known as MesoDyn. The talk will highlight areas in need of mathematical advances for material purposes.