Hierarchical Hybrid Control of Large Scale Multi-Agent Systems by Datta Godbole (MN65)

Friday, September 29, 2000 - 10:10am - 11:00am
Vincent 570
Datta Godbole (Honeywell)
Distributed multi-agent systems arise in many application areas, such as Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems, Air Traffic Management, Automotive Control, Flight Control and Flight Management Systems, Network of Satellites, Power Generation and Distribution Systems, Flexible Manufacturing Systems, and Communication Networks. Control of such complex large-scale systems poses challenging problems of both theoretical and practical significance.

We propose a three level hierarchical architecture for control of large-scale systems. The top level of the hierarchy is concerned with resource allocation among various components/agents of the system. Lower levels of the hierarchy involve local performance optimization for each agent including inter-agent coordination and conflict resolution.

We will discuss two examples in the command and control domain. (i) Campaign planning and execution using model predictive control for stochastic processes, and (ii) Trajectory planning and control of a group of unmanned air vehicles using a novel multi-resolution, multi-model maneuver synthesis algorithm.

Acknowledgements: Joint work with colleagues at Honeywell Technology Center, Dr. Tariq Samad, Dr. Jan Jelinek, Dr. Vipin Gopal, Dr. Darren Cofer, and Dr. Jorge Tierno. This presentation will cover on-going work within multiple projects at Honeywell Technology Center.