Poster Session

Wednesday, January 21, 1998 - 4:00pm - 5:00pm
Vincent 570
G. Mato (Centro Atáomico Bariloche, Argentina): Self-similarity properties of natural images.

F. Skinner (Toronto Hospital): Bursting: A role for gap-junctional coupling.

B. Lytton (Univ. of Wisconsin): A Dentate Gryras Model.

D. Golumb (Ben-Gurion Univ. of the Negev): Transient synchrony of propagating discharges in neocortex.

E. Izhikevich (Arizona State Univ.): Class 1 Neural Excitability, Weakly Connected Networks, and Mathematical Foundation of Pulse-Coupled Networks.

E. Izhikevich (Arizona State Univ.): Weakly Connected Elliptic Bursters, Strongly Connected Relaxation Oscillators, and Spike/Burst Synchronization.

J. L. Van Hemmen (Techn. Univ. München): Discerning oscillations: Neuronal coincidence detection with periodic spike input.

J. L. Van Hemmen (Techn. Univ. München): Short-term plasticity, coherent oscillations and locking.

R. Butera (NIH): Respiratory Rhythm Generation in the pre-Botinger complex of mammals.

Deliang Wang (Ohio State Univ.): Object selection based on oscillatory correlation.

T. Troyer (U. C. San Francisco): An associational hypothesis for sensorimotor learning of bird song.

J.D. Cowan (Univ. of Chicago): Monte Carlo studies of V1.

J.D. Cowan (Univ. of Chicago): From natural images to V1 structure.