IMA Postdoc Seminar 2008-2009

The IMA Postdoc Seminar meets at 11:15-12:15 every Tuesday during the semester in Lind 305, except during IMA workshop weeks. This seminar provides opportunities for postdocs to give talks not necessarily related to the thematic program, and for invited IMA visitors (or U of MN faculty) to give talks on subjects of interest to the IMA postdocs. This year the postdoc seminar is organized by Tsvetanka Sendova and Erkan Tüzel.

Fall 2008 Semester
September 16 Organizational meeting
September 23 Xianjin Chen (IMA) "Two Stable Methods for Multiple Unstable Solutions to Semilinear Variational Elliptic Systems" (PDF)
September 30 No seminar (Workshop: Mathematical and Algorithmic Challenges in Electronic Structure Theory)
October 7 Ridgway Scott (University of Chicago) "The Mathematical Basis for Molecular van der Waals Forces"
October 14 Yongfeng Li (IMA) "Model reference control in the biological systems" (PDF)
October 21 Mark Herman (IMA) "Born-Oppenheimer Corrections Near a Renner-Teller Crossing" (PDF)
October 28 No seminar (Workshop: Multi-Manifold Data Modeling and Applications)
November 4 No seminar (Workshop:Development and Analysis of Multiscale Methods)
November 11 Tsvetanka Sendova (IMA) "A Theory of Fracture Based Upon Extension of Continuum Mechanics to the Nanoscale" (PDF)
November 18 No seminar (Workshop:Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Optimization: Algorithmic Advances and Applications)
November 25 Eray S. Aydil (University of Minnesota) "Challenges in Efficient and Inexpensive Solar-to-Electric Energy Conversion"
December 2 Yunkyong Hyon (IMA) "Maximum Dissipation Principle for Numerical Methods in Complex Fluids" (PDF)
December 9 No seminar (Workshop:Solvation)
December 16 Srividya Jeyaraman (IMA) "Time lags in signaling cascades"
December 23 No seminar
December 30 No seminar
Spring 2009 Semester
January 6 Mark Iwen (IMA) "Interpolation with Sparsity Assumptions: From Syphilis Testing to Sparse Fourier Transforms " (PDF)
January 13 No seminar (Workshop:Chemical Dynamics: Challenges and Approaches)
January 20 Zhian Wang (IMA) "Multi-scale approach in chemotaxis models"
January 27 Jozsef Z. Farkas (University of Stirling) "Analysis of structured populations in aquaculture "
February 3 Wei Xiong (IMA) "Hydrodynamics of particles immersed in a thermally fluctuating, viscous, incompressible fluid"
February 10 Peter Hinow (IMA) "Predicting the Drug Release Kinetics of Matrix Tablets " (PDF)
February 17 Olivier Dubois (IMA) "Minimizing the energy for efficient linear solvers in reservoir simulation "
February 24 Stephen Wiggins (University of Bristol) "Recent advances in the high dimensional Hamiltonian dynamics and geometry of reaction dynamics "
March 3 No seminar (Workshop:Coherence, Control, and Dissipation)
March 10 Heinz Siedentop (LMU Munich and IMA) "The Ground State Energy of Heavy Atoms: Relativistic Lowering of the Leading Energy Correction "
March 17 Wei Xiong (IMA) "A Model for Liver Homeostasis Using a Modified Mean-reverting Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Process "
March 24 No seminar (Workshop:Higher Order Geometric Evolution Equations: Theory and Applications from Microfluidics to Image Understanding)
April 2 Mary Ann Horn (NSF) (rescheduled to 4:00 pm on Thursday) "To Fund or Not to Fund: Finding Funding Opportunities and the Challenges of Writing a Competitive Grant Proposal"
April 7 Vasileios Maroulas (IMA) "Sequential Monte Carlo Multi-Object Second Moment Approximation: An Application to Ecology"
April 14 Christoph Ortner (University of Oxford) "Introduction to Quasicontinuum Methods: Formulation, Classification, Analysis"
April 21 William Hancock (Penn State University) "Coordination of the two motor domains in the motor protein Kinesin-2"
April 28 Abdul Rehaman Moughal Shahi (Universite de Geneve) "II order Perturbation over Restricted Active Space Wavefunction : An Answer to Chemical Problems Requiring Larger Active Spaces"
May 5 No seminar (Special Workshop: MOLCAS)
May 12 Erkan Tuzel (IMA) "Motor mediated deformation of microtubules in living cells and gliding assays"
May 19 No seminar (Workshop:Molecular Simulations: Algorithms, Analysis, and Applications)
May 26 Xiaoyang Zhu (University of Minnesota) "The Coulomb Barrier in Excitonic Charge Separation"