Carl Toews


  • Topological Structures on Sets of Composition Operators.
    Ph.D. dissertation, Mathematics, University of Virginia, August 2002.
    Adviser: Barbara MacCluer
    [ .pdf ]

Submitted for Publication

  1. "Position Registration From Random Voltage Measurements", with Fadil Santosa
    .pdf ]


  1. "Statistical Analysis of Close Approach Distances in the Geostationary Environment"
    [ pdf ]
  2. "Incorporating WAAS Data Into an Ionospheric Model for Correcting Satellite Radar Observations"
    [ pdf ]
  3. "Components of Composition Operators on H^{infty}(B_{N})"
    [ pdf ]
  4. "Differences of Composition Operators", with J. Moorhouse
    [ pdf ]

Selected Reports

  1. "Estimating Upper Bounds on the Probability of Collision Between Objects in the Geostationary Environment", with J. Conner, MIT Lincoln Laboratory Technical Report
    [ pdf ]
  2. "The Effect of Atmospheric Fluctuations on Antenna Gain," with W. Hoen, MIT Lincoln Laboratory Technical Memo
    [ pdf ]
  3. "The Effect of Atmospheric Turbulence on Coherent Integration," with W. Hoen, MIT Lincoln Laboratory Technical Memo
    [ pdf ]

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