Global optimization of rational functions using semidefinite programming

Etienne de Klerk

Delft University of Technology

Joint work with R. Dontcheva, D. Jibetean

Talk slides in .pdf


We consider the problem of global minimization of rational functions on R^n (unconstrained case), or on a connected semi-algebraic subset of R^n. We show that in the univariate case (n=1), these problems have exact reformulations as semidefinite programming problems (SDP), by using reformulations introduced by Jibetean (2001).  This extends the analogous results by Nesterov (2000) for global minimization of univariate polynomials.

For the bivariate case n=2, we obtain a fully polynomial time approximation scheme (FPTAS) for the unconstrained problem, if an a priori lower bound on the infimum is known, by using results by De Klerk and Pasechnik (2002).

For the NP-hard multivariate case, we discuss semidefinite programming-based heuristics for obtaining lower bounds on the infimum, by using results by Lasserre (2001).


E. de Klerk, D.V. Pasechnik (2002). Products of positive forms, linear matrix inequalities, and Hilbert 17-th problem for ternary forms. European J. of Operational Research, to appear.

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