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Tatiana Soleski

Why Two Ph.D. Dissertations?


       You may be wondering, just like I do, why I have two actual Ph.D. dissertaions.

Originally I worked in algebra at Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia, specializing in regular matrix rings and algebras. After completing my first Ph.D. I decided to come to the USA and switch my specialty to applied mathematics. The first applied project I worked on was a paint mix color optimization problem at Pittsburgh Paint and Glass (PPG Industries).

The decision to turn from pure mathematics to applied mathematics proved to be the right choice since I found that I enjoyed working on applied problems as much as I had previously enjoyed my work in algebra. It gave me the opportunity to learn something about the new area of wavelets and their applications in diverse fields. It also became necessary to extensively use computers since often the resulting equations could not be solved analytically nor adequately tested for industrial use.

Now I am very happy to be doing applied math because I have many challenging problems to work on that hold my interest...