Tsvetanka Sendova's Homepage

Tsvetanka Sendova

I was a postdoctoral associate at the Institute for Mathematics and Its Applications, from September of 2008 until August of 2010. I have moved to Bennett College.

Contact Information:
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Bennett College for Women
900 E Washington St.
Greensboro, NC 27401

Office: Pfeiffer Science, room 104
Phone: 336-517-2377
E-mail: tsendova@bennett.edu

Teaching and Mentoring:
  • Current semester

  • Past semesters
  • College Algbra, part II, Math 111B Fall 2012 Bennett College
    Calculus I, Math 221 Fall 2012 Bennett College
    Modern Geometry, Math 331 Fall 2012 Bennett College
    Health Disparities Among African-American Women, SC 210 Spring 2012 Bennett College
    Calculus III, Math 223 Spring 2012 Bennett College
    Real Analysis, Math 335 Spring 2012 Bennett College
    Special Topics: Numerical Methods, Math 430 Spring 2012 Bennett College
    College Algebra, Math 111A Fall 2011 Bennett College
    Calculus II, Math 222 Fall 2011 Bennett College
    Linear Algebra, Math 330 Fall 2011 Bennett College
    Orientation, Math 200 Spring 2011 Bennett College
    Calculus I, Math 221 Spring 2011 Bennett College
    Calculus III, Math 223 Spring 2011 Bennett College
    Differential Equations, Math 332 Spring 2011 Bennett College
    Precalculus, Math 130 Fall 2010 Bennett College
    Calculus II, Math 222 Fall 2010 Bennett College
    Real Analysis, Math 335 Fall 2010 Bennett College
    Calculus I, Math 1271 Fall 2009 University of Minnesota
    Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU 2009), Modeling solar cells Summer 2009 University of Minnesota
    Business Calculus, Math 142 Spring 2006 Texas A&M University
    Multi-variable Calculus, Math 253 Fall 2004 Texas A&M University
    Calculus I, Math 151 Spring 2004 Texas A&M University
    • Numerical Range of Some Doubly Stochastic Matrices, K.A. Camenga, P.X. Rault, D.J. Rossi, T. Sendova, I.M. Spitkovsky, submitted

    • 3-by-3 Matrices with Elliptical Numerical Range Revisited, P.X. Rault, T. Sendova, I.M. Spitkovsky, accepted, The Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra, 2013

    • Mathematical Modeling, Simulation, and Optimal Design for Agricultural Water Management, J.C. Chrispell, S.E. Howington, K.R. Fowler, E.W. Jenkins, M. Minik, T. Sendova, 2012 S.C. Water Resource Conference, October 10-11, 2012

    • The Effect of Surface Tension in Modeling Interfacial Fracture, T. Sendova, J.R. Walton, AIP AMiTaNS'10 Proceedings.

    • A New Approach to the Modeling and Analysis of Fracture through Extension of Continuum Mechanics to the Nanoscale, T. Sendova, J.R. Walton, Mathematics and Mechanics of Solids Volume 15 Issue 3, May 2010. pdf

    • Constitutive Restrictions for a Hyperelastic Laminar Material with One Fiber Family, Based upon Strain Invariants Yielding Orthogonal Stress Response Terms, T. Sendova, J.R. Walton, Proceedings 3rd. Canadian Conference on Nonlinear Solid Mechanics, CanCNSM, Toronto, 2008. pdf

    • On Strong Ellipticity for Isotropic Hyperelastic Materials Based upon Logarithmic Strain, T. Sendova and J.R. Walton, Int. J. Non-Linear Mech., 40(2-3), pp.195-212, 2005.