Health Disparities Among African-American Women: Applications of the Principles of Mathematics and the Sciences to Understanding the Disparities

SC 210
Spring 2012

Time and Place:
MWF 2:00 -- 2:50 pm in Pfeiffer Science Room 101
Dr. Willietta Gibson Dr. Tsvetanka Sendova
Pfeiffer Science 218
Pfeiffer Science 104
Office Phone:
(336) 517-1203
(336) 517-2377
Office Hours:
MWF 10:00AM-11:50AM and by appointment
TR 2:30PM-5:00PM and by appointment

Class information: Syllabus


  • Announcements about the class will appear here throughout the semester.
  • Notes on the basics of probability.
  • Introduction to Genetics, by Dr. Gibson.

    Homework #
    Due Date
    #1 In probability notes: #2/p. 2; #1, #2, #4/p. 4; #5-bonus Friday, Jan. 20
    Read and think about: Mathematical Model
    Courtesy of Dr. Sandefur (Georgetown University) and Dr. Dance (University of the Virgin Islands)
    Wednesday, Jan. 25
    #2 Linear vs. Exponential Growth Friday, Feb. 17