IMA Postdoc Seminar 2006/07

The IMA Postdoc Seminar meets every Tuesday at 11:15 during the semester in Lind 215, except in IMA workshop weeks. It provides postdocs with the dual opportunities of giving talks not necessarily related to the thematic program, and of inviting IMA visitors (or U of M faculty) to give talks on subjects of interest to the IMA postdocs. This year, the postdoc seminar is organized by Anton Leykin and Carl Toews.

September 12
Organizational meeting
September 19
No seminar ("Algorithms" workshop)
September 26 No seminar (talk of Peter Lax)
October 3
No seminar ("Negative index materials" workshop)
October 10 Hannah Markwig (IMA) Introduction to tropical geometry
October 17 Anders Jensen (Århus) Tropical varieties (slides)
October 24 No seminar ("Software" workshop)
October 31
Jan Verschelde (UIC) Polyhedral Homotopy Methods to Solve Polynomial Systems
November 7
Jason Gower (IMA) Algebraic torus-based cryptography (slides)
November 14 John Voight (IMA) Zeta functions of varieties over finite fields
November 21 No seminar (CANCELLED)
November 28 Bjarke Roune (Århus) The F4 Algorithm - Speeding Up Groebner Basis Computation Using Linear Algebra
December 5
Ben Howard (IMA) Equations for the moduli space of n labelled points on the projective line
December 12 John Voight (IMA) Computing zeta functions of varieties over finite fields
January 16 No seminar ("Optimization" workshop)
January 23 Jiawang Nie (IMA) On the quality bound of low order SOS relaxations
January 30 Milena Hering (IMA) Syzygies of toric varieties
February 6
Philipp Rostalski (ETH Zurich) Characterization and Computation of Real-Radical Ideals using Semidefinite Programming Techniques
February 13 Tristram Bogart (University of Washington) The small Chvatal rank of an integer matrix
February 20 Hannah Markwig (IMA) Counting rational curves in P^2 using Kontsevich's formula
February 27 Michael Kerber (Technische Universitaet Kaiserslautern) Counting rational curves in P^2 using tropical geometry
March 6
No seminar ("Bio-stats" workshop)
March 13 Laura Matusevich (Texas A&M) Combinatorics of binomial primary decomposition
March 20 Daniel Robertz (RWTH Aachen University) Janet's algorithm for modules over polynomial rings
March 27 Gennady Lyubeznik (IMA, University of Minnesota) The minimum number of set-theoretic defining equations of
algebraic varieties
April 3
Josephine T. Yu (Berkeley) Tropical Implicitization and Elimination
April 10 Uwe Nagel (University of Kentucky) Hilbert functions of standard graded algebras
April 17 No seminar ("Complexity" workshop)
April 24 Anton Leykin (IMA) F...?
May 1
Ben Howard (IMA) Weight varieties, and projective point set