IMA Postdoc Seminar 2005/06

The IMA Postdoc Seminar meets every Tuesday at 11:15 during the semester in Lind 409, except in IMA workshop weeks. It provides postdocs with the dual opportunities of giving talks not necessarily related to the thematic program, and of inviting visitors (or U of M faculty) to give talks on subjects of interest to the IMA postdocs. This year, the postdoc seminar is organized by Jung-Ha An and Matthias Kurzke.

September 20 No seminar (Radar and Optical Imaging tutorial)
September 27 Jung-Ha An (IMA): A Variational PDE Based Level Set Method for a Simultaneous Segmentation and Non-Rigid Registration
October 4 Changfeng Gui (University of Connecticut): Some entire solutions related to phase transitions
October 11 Evgeniy Bart (IMA): Object recognition and classification with limited training data
October 18 No seminar (Imaging from Wave Propagation workshop)
October 25 Anne Gelb (Arizona State): High Order Reconstruction Methods for Piecewise Smooth Functions (full talk here).
November 1 Steven Damelin (IMA and Georgia Southern): Numerical integration, Energy and Weighted Approximation
November 8 No seminar (Frontiers in Imaging workshop)
November 15 Taufiquar Khan (Clemson University): Inverse Problem in Refractive Index Optical Tomography
November 22 No seminar (Thanksgiving Week)
November 29 Alison Malcolm (IMA): Multiple Scattering: Exploiting it Lab Data and Attenuating it in Seismic Data
December 6 No seminar (Integration of Sensing and Processing workshop)
December 13 Anne Gelb (Arizona State): Region Extraction Using Edge Detection and B-Splines
January 10 No seminar (3-D Image Analysis workshop)
January 20 (Friday) Afra Zomorodian (Stanford): Persistent Homology and its Applications
January 24 Douglas Arnold (IMA): Finite element exterior calculus and its applications
January 31 Chang-Ock Lee (KAIST): A variational approach to blending based on warping for non-overlapped images
February 7 No seminar (Film Editing and Restoration workshop)
February 14 (changed from initial announcement) Martin Welk (Saarland University): Analysis of Space-Discrete Image Filters by Dynamical Systems
February 21 Brad Lucier (Purdue): Image processing using (mostly) functional arrays
February 28 Gloria Haro Ortega (IMA): Image restoration: irregular to regular sampling, deconvolution, denoising and zooming
March 7 No seminar (Natural Images workshop)
March 14 No seminar (Spring break)
March 21 Arnd Scheel (IMA): Periodic patterns: modulations, perturbations, and bifurcation
March 28 Francisco Blanco-Silva (Purdue University): Curvelets and Approximation Theory
April 4 No seminar (Shape Spaces workshop)
April 11 Xiaoqiang Wang (IMA): Centroidal Voronoi Tessellations (CVTs) in imaging Cancelled!
April 18 No seminar, Scientific Visualization 2006 symposium
April 25 Steven Damelin (IMA and Georgia Southern): Some open problems in Dimension Reduction, Inverse Scattering and Power Systems
May 2 Tatiana Soleski (IMA): Prolate Spheroidal Sampling in Computerized Tomography
May 9 Peter Philip (IMA and Corning): A Quasistatic Crack Propagation Model Allowing for Cohesive Forces and Crack Reversibility Using Local Energy Minimization
May 16 No seminar (SIAM Imaging conference)
May 23 No seminar (Visual Learning and Recognition workshop)
May 30 TBD

The seminar talks of previous years are archived here.