Probing the mechanism of Oil/water interface


I am also interested in studying complex mass transfer mechanisms occurring at the oil/water interface. Oil/water interface is a very complex system and has taken decades for scientists to understand the mechanisms at the interface. These systems are of industrial interests because they serve the separation of metals from specific organic or aqueous solvents. Yet very little is understood on the mass transfer mechanism. A part of my PhD research was devoted to the studying of the mass transfer mechanism in an oil/water interface.

I designed an experimental set up which is very easy to reproduce and yet exhibit all the characteristic of a typical mass transfer mechanism. I also concentrated on a specific system and applied modeling approach to explain the mass transfer mechanism. The model was very successful in reproducing the experimental results. Also my experimental design is easily reproducible in contrary to other experimental designs available for these systems. The mechanism of mass transfer is more than complex and comprises of chemical interactions under suitable circumstances.Conducting experiments and modelling this phenomenon using chemical hydrodynamical principle is fascinating and under progress.