IMA Postdoc Seminar 2007-2008

The IMA Postdoc Seminar meets at 11:15-12:15 every Tuesday during the semester in Lind 409, except during IMA workshop weeks. This seminar provides opportunities for postdocs to give talks not necessarily related to the thematic program, and for invited IMA visitors (or U of MN faculty) to give talks on subjects of interest to the IMA postdocs. This year the postdoc seminar is organized by Erkan Tüzel and Jason Gower.

Fall 2007 Semester
September 11 Organizational Meeting
September 18 No seminar (Workshop: Mathematics of DNA Structure, Function and Interactions)
September 25 Peter Hinow (IMA) "Inverse problems in nanobiology and analysis of an age-structured population model" (PDF)
October 2 Benjamin Nill (Freie Universität Berlin) "Fast food, square magic, and polyhedra" (PDF)
October 9 Timothy Newman (Arizona State University) "Modeling multicellularity: from cell rheology to gastrulation"
October 16 Duane Nykamp (University of Minnesota) "Estimating connectivity in neuronal and other networks"
October 23 Andy Stein (IMA) "Optimization in mathematical biology" (PDF)
October 30 No seminar (Workshop: RNA in Biology, Bioengineering and Nanotechnology)
November 6 Deena Schmidt (IMA) "Waiting for k mutations: with applications to DNA regulatory sequence evolution and cancer"
November 13 Zhian Wang (IMA) "Models for mesenchymal motion in tissue"
November 20 No seminar
November 27 Victor Barocas (University of Minnesota) "Multiscale mechanical modeling of bioartificial tissues"
December 4 Hannah Callender (IMA) "Using mathematical modeling to make testable predictions of cellular signaling pathways"
December 11 David Odde (University of Minnesota) "Models for mitosis: microtubules and motors"
December 18 Erkan Tüzel (IMA) "Mesoscopic model for the fluctuating hydrodynamics of binary and ternary mixtures"
December 25 No seminar (Christmas Day)
Spring 2008 Semester
January 1 No seminar (New Year's Day)
January 8 Benjamin Stottrup (Augsburg College) "An experimental perspective on miscibility phase transitions and their biological applications"
January 15 No seminar (Workshop: Protein Folding)
January 22 Satish Kumar (University of Minnesota) "Brownian dynamics simulations of polymer behavior in nanofluidic and microfluidic systems" (PDF)
January 29 Milena Hering (IMA) "Syzygies of algebraic varieties"
February 5 Laura Lurati (IMA) "Design under uncertainty using stochastic collocation"
February 8 Anton Leykin (IMA) "Applications of numerical algebraic geometry"
February 12 Ludovica Cotta-Ramusino (IMA) "Looping probability densities of elastic rods"
February 19 Sujeet Bhat (IMA) "Homogenization of a nonlinear elliptic boundary value problem related to corrosion modeling"
February 26 David Umulis (University of Minnesota) "Computational analysis of BMP-mediated embryonic patterning in Drosophila melanogaster"
March 4 No seminar (Workshop: Organization of Biological Networks)
March 11 Juan Latorre (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) "Effective transport properties of stochastic biophysical models"
March 18 Kevin Dorfman (University of Minnesota) "Taylor-Aris dispersion in entropy barriers"
March 25 Joachim Mueller (University of Minnesota) "Quantifying the assembly of optically encoded proteins with fluorescence fluctuation spectroscopy"
April 1 Chad Myers (University of Minnesota) "Discovering biological networks by integrating diverse genomic data"
April 8 Theoden Netoff (University of Minnesota) "Dynamical approaches to understanding epilepsy"
April 15 Banu Baydil (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) "Parameterization for mesoscale ocean transport through random flow models"
April 22 No seminar (Workshop: Design Principles in Biological Systems)
April 29 Thomas Hillen (University of Alberta) "A user's guide to PDE models for chemotaxis"
May 6 Peter Hinow (IMA) "A model for transfer phenomena in structured populations"
May 13 No seminar (Workshop: Stochastic Models for Intracellular Reaction Networks)
May 20 Duncan Clarke (Univeristy of Minnesota) "The cohesin ring is required for centrosome integrity"
May 27 No seminar (Workshop: Quantitative Approaches to Cell Motility and Chemotaxis)