IMA Brown Bag Seminar Information 2003-4

The IMA Brown Bag seminar offers a forum for very informal presentations of mathematical topics and problems. The organizers are Tim Garoni and Tamon Stephen. It meets in 409 Lind Hall on Wednesdays at noon on weeks when there is no IMA special program. If you are interested in giving a Brown Bag talk during the Fall 2003 term, please contact Tim at:

Spring 2004 schedule:

date speaker affiliation title
April 21st Peter Tankov Centre de Mathématiques Appliquees, Ecole Polytechnique Multidimensional models with jumps for finance and insurance
April 28th Hans Foellmer and Peter Bank Mathematics, Humboldt University Comments on El Karoui' s Max-Plus decomposition of supermartingales
May 12th Ulrich Horst Mathematics, Humboldt University Equilibria in Financial Markets with Heterogeneous Agents
May 19th Srdjan Stojanovic Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Cincinnati Optimal Portfolio Series Formula under Dynamic Appreciation Rate Uncertainty
June 2nd Jun Zhao IMA Overlapping Schwarz methods for Maxwell equations
June 9th Gerard Awanou IMA Shortfall Risk Minimization in the Presence of Inside Information

Fall 2003 schedule:

date speaker affiliation title
October 8th Lili Ju IMA Numerical Simulations of the Quantized Vortices in a Thin Superconducting Hollow Sphere
October 15th Sabera Kazi Honeywell QOS-enabled MAC protocol for wireless networks of UAVS
October 29th Huiqiang Jiang Mathematics Department, University of Minnesota Singular Elliptic Equation in Thin Film Rupture
November 12th Tim Garoni IMA Impenetrable bosons, random matrix averages and log-gases
November 26th Antar Bandyopadhyay IMA Frozen Percolation Process : What are known and what are not known.

Winter 2004 schedule :

date speaker affiliation title
January 21st Steen Moeller Center for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, University of Minnesota Parallel Imaging in MRI/fMRI at 7T
January 28st Vaidyanathan Ramaswami AT&T Labs - Research Matrix Analytic Methods for Stochastic Models
February 4th Shmuel Friedland University of Illinois - Chicago / IMA Singular Value Decomposition in Inner Product Spaces with Applications to DNA Microarrays
February 25th Julien Bremont CMLA, ENS Cachan, Department of Mathematics Maximizing measures and related questions
March 24th Chuan-Hsiang Han IMA Variance reduction for Monte Carlo methods to evaluate option prices under multi-factor stochastic volatility models

Archive of the 2002-3 IMA Brown Bag Seminar.

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