October 8th abstract

Abstract for the Brown Bag Seminar on January 21st, Steen Moeller:

Parallel Imaging in MRI/fMRI at 7T

In this talk I will discuss a recent technique in MRI, that uses multiple surface coils (detectors) for decreasing the acquisition time with limited SNR loss. The detectors all see the same image (in this case the head), but due to their distinct locations, they make different intrinsic encodings of the image. This difference can be utilized to acquire faster but aliased images, that can be un-aliased using the difference in intrinsic encoding. The un-aliasing is performed by solving "small" and "simple" linear matrix systems, that have low condition numbers. The problem can be considered as a multichannel deconvolution technique, where each channel has a characteristic convolution kernel determined solely by the intrinsic spatial encoding properties of the surface coils. I will discuss different methods for determining these spatial encoding profiles and different regularization techniques for solving the matrix systems.

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