Contents of Numerical Algorithms

This file contains the tables of contents for all issues of Numerical Algorithms, ISSN 1017 1398, Editor-in-Chief: Claude Brezinski.

Volume 1, No. 1

W.R. Ferng, G.H. Golub and R.J. Plemmons
Adaptive Lanczos methods for recursive condition estimation
pp. 1-20

D.L. Boley, S. Elhay, G.H. Golub and M.H. Gutknecht
Nonsymmetric Lanczos and finding orthogonal polynomials associated with indefinite weights
pp. 21-44

R. Kulkarni and P.-J. Laurent
pp. 45-74

C.A. Micchelli
Using the refinement equation for the construction of pre-wavelets
pp. 75-116

Volume 1, No. 2

P.J. Barry and R.N. Goldman
Shape parameter deletion for Polya curves
pp. 121-138

M.A. Barkatou
Characterization of regular singular linear systems of difference equations
pp. 139-154

J.M. Carnicer
On best constrained interpolation
pp. 155-176

P. Sablonniere
Comparison of four algorithms accelerating the convergence of a subset of logarithmic fixed point sequences
pp. 177-198

C. Brezinski and H. Sadok
Avoiding breakdown in the CGS algorithm
pp. 199-206

C. Brezinski and M. Redivo Zaglia
A new presentation of orthogonal polynomials with applications to their computation
pp. 207-222

Volume 1, No. 3

A. Le Mehaute
Taylorian fields and subdivision algorithms
pp. 225-235

A.C. Matos
Acceleration results for the vector E-algorithm
pp. 237-260

C. Brezinski, M. Redivo Zaglia and H. Sadok
Avoiding breakdown and near-breakdown in Lanczos type algorithms
pp. 261-284

M. Van Barel and A. Bultheel
The computation of non-perfect Pade-Hermite approximants
pp. 285-304

G. Csordas, A. Ruttan and R.S. Varga
The Laguerre inequalities with applications to a problem associated with the Riemann Hypothesis
pp. 305-329

Volume 1, No. 4

C.A. Micchelli, C. Rabut and F.I. Utreras
Using the refinement equation for the construction of pre-wavelets III: elliptic splines
pp. 331-352

M. Berry and G. Golub
Estimating the largest singular values of large sparse matrices via modified moments
pp. 353-374

G. Muehlbach and M. Gasca
Multivariate polynomial interpolation under projectives Part I: Lagrange and Newton interpolation formulas
pp. 375-400

F. Cordellier
On the use of Kronecker's algorithm in the generalized rational interpolation problem
pp. 401-413

Volume 2, No. 1

S. Dubuc and A. Malik
Convex hull powers of a complex number, trinomial equations and the Farey sequence
pp. 1-32

M.-J. Lai
Fortran subroutines for B-nets of box splines on three- and four-directional meshes
pp. 33-38

C. Rabut
Elementary m-harmonic cardinal B-splines
pp. 39-62

C. Rabut
Elementary m-harmonic cardinal B-splines
pp. 63-84

A. Bultheel, P. Gonzalez-Vera, E. Hendriksen and O. Njastad
The computation of orthogonal rational functions and their interpolating properties
pp. 85-114

Volume 2, No. 2

N. Osada
Extensions of Levin's transformations to vector sequences
pp. 121-132

C. Brezinski, M. Redivo Zaglia and H. Sadok
Addendum to "Avoiding breakdown and near-breakdown in Lanczos type algorithms"
pp. 133-136

K. Tanabe and M. Sagae
Pivoting strategy for rank-one modification of LDMt-like factorization
pp. 137-154

S. Paszkowski
Convergence acceleration of continued fractions of Poincare's type 1
pp. 155-170

R.S. Varga and A.J. Carpenter
Some numerical results on best uniform rational approximation of xa on [0,1]
pp. 171-186

J.L. Merrien
A family of Hermite interpolants by bisection algorithms
pp. 187-200

S. Caby and G. Labahn
A superfast algorithm for multi-dimensional Pade systems
pp. 201-224

M. Gasca, C.A. Micchelli and J.M. Pena
Almost strictly totally positive matrices
pp. 225-236

Volume 2, No. 3-4

P. Sablonniere
A short note on the generalized Euler transform for the summation of power series
pp. 241-254

M. Gasca and G. Muehlbach
Multivariate polynomial interpolation under projectivities II: Neville-Aitken formulas
pp. 255-278

T. Huckle
A note on skewcirculant preconditioners for elliptic problems
pp. 279-286

P. Verlinden and A. Haegemans
An asymptotic expansion in wavelet analysis and its application to accurate numerical wavelet decomposition
pp. 287-298

T. Tommasini
A new algorithm for special Vandermonde systems
pp. 299-306

A. Croft
An application of convergence acceleration techniques to a class of two-point boundary value problems on a semi-infinite domain
pp. 307-320

G.A. Watson
Linear best approximation using a class of polyhedral norms
pp. 321-336

R.D. Skeel and H.-W. Tam
Limits of parallelism in explicit ODE methods
pp. 337-350

C. Mac Donald and W.H. Enright
Implications of order reduction for implicit Runge-Kutta methods
pp. 351-370

C.H. Bischof and P.C. Hansen
A block algorithm for computing rank-revealing QR factorizations
pp. 371-392

A.C. Matos and M. Prevost
Acceleration property for the columns of the E-algorithm
pp. 393-408

R. Reemsten
A cutting plane method for solving minimax problems in the complex plane
pp. 409-436

Volume 3, Nos. 1 - 4 (1992):

D. Bessis and C. R. Handy
Moment problem formulation of the Schroedinger equation
pp. 1-16

P. Rabinowitz
Extrapolation methods in numerical integration
pp. 17-28

B. Beckermann and C. Carstensen
A reliable modification of the cross rule for rational Hermite interpolation
pp. 29-44

B. Beckermann and G. Labahn
A uniform approach for Hermite Pade and simultaneous Pade approximants and their matrix-type generalizations
pp. 45-54

T. Bloom, D.S. Lubinsky and H. Stahl
Interpolatory integration rules and orthogonal polynomials with varying weights
pp. 55-66

C.M. Bonan-Hamada, W.B. Jones, W.J. Thron and A. Magnus
Para-orthogonal Laurent polynomials and associated sequences of rational functions
pp. 67-74

C. Brezinski and H. Sadok
Some vector sequence transformations with applications to system of equations
pp. 75-80

A. Bultheel, P. Gonzalez-Vera, E. Hendriksen and O. Njastad
A Favard theorem for orthogonal rational functions on the unit circle
pp. 81-90

A. Bultheel, P. Gonzalez-Vera, E. Hendriksen and O. Njastad
A moment problem associated to rational Szego functions
pp. 91-104

A. Bultheel, P. Gonzalez-Vera, E. Hendriksen and O. Njastad
Orthogonal rational functions and quadrature on the unit circle
pp. 105-116

M. Camacho and P. Gonzalez-Vera
Rational approximants to symmetric formal Laurent series
pp. 117-124

J. M. Carnicer
Rational interpolation with a single variable pole
pp. 125-132

C. Carstensen and G. Muehlbach
The Neville-Aitken formula for rational interpolants with prescribed poles
pp. 133-142

J.P. Coleman
Rational approximations for the cosine function: P-acceptability and order
pp. 143-158

A. Cuyt and B. Verdonk
Multivariate rational data fitting: general data structure, maximal accuracy and object orientation
pp. 159-172

Z. Da Rocha
Implementation of the recurrence relations of biorthogonality
pp. 173-184

M. G. de Bruin, K.A. Driver and D.S. Lubinsky
Convergence of simultaneous Hermite-Pade approximants to the n-tuple of q-hypergeometric series
pp. 185-192

M Gasca and J.J. Martinez
Bivariate Hermite-Birkhoff interpolation and Vandermonde determinants
pp. 193-200

C. Gonzalez-Concepcion, P. Gonzalez-Vera, and E. Hendriksen
Matrix orthogonal Laurent polynomials and two-point Pade approximants
pp. 201-210

S. Gonzalez-Pinto, P. Gonzalez-Vera and J.C. Santos
On extrapolation of Jagerman and Stetter rules
pp. 211-222

P.R. Graves-Morris and R. Thukral
Solution of integral equations using function-valued Pade approximants II
pp. 223-234

N. Hayek, P. Gonzalez-Vera and F. Perez-Acosta
Rational approximation to Neumann series of Bessel functions
pp. 235-244

H.H.H. Homeier
A Levin-type algorithm for accelerating the convergence of Fourier series
pp. 245-254

W.B. Jones, O. Njastad and H. Waadeland
Asymptotics for Szego polynomial zeros
pp. 255-264

A.G. Law, C.N. Zhang, A. Rezazadeh and L. Joedar
Evaluation of a rational function
pp. 265-272

H. Le Ferrand
The quadratic convergence of the topological epsilon algorithm for systems of nonlinear equations
pp. 273-284

F. Marcellan and G. Sansgire
Quadratic decomposition of orthogonal polynomials: a matrix approach
pp. 285-298

P. Maroni
Two-dimensional orthogonal polynomials, their associated sets and the co-recursive sets
pp. 299-312

A.C. Matos
Convergence and acceleration properties for the vector e-algorithm
pp. 313-320

M.Murofushi and H. Nagasaka
On the internal stepsize of an extrapolation algorithm for IVP in ODE
pp. 321-334

N. Osada
Extrapolation methods for some singular fixed point sequences
pp. 335-344

M.A. Pinar and T.E. Perez
On higher order Pade-type approximants with some prescribed coefficients in the numerator
pp. 345-352

M. Redivo Zaglia
Particular rules for the O-algorithm
pp. 353-370

D.E. Roberts
Clifford algebras and vector-valued rational forms II
pp. 371-382

F. Ronning
P.C.-fractions and Szego polynomials associated with starlike univalent functions
pp. 383-392

A, Ronveaux
Sobolev inner products and orthogonal polynomials of Sobolev type
pp. 393-400

P. Sablonniere
Asymptotic behaviour of iterated modified transforms on some slowly convergent sequences
pp. 401-410

T.Sakurai, H. Sugiura and T. Torii
Numerical factorization of a polynomial by rational Hermite interpolation
pp. 411-418

F.H. Szafraniec
On extending backwards positive definite sequences
pp. 419-426

X.-C. Tai
Global extrapolation with a parallel splitting method
pp. 427-440

W.J. Thron
Limit period Schur algorithms
pp. 441-450

M. van Barel and A. Bultheel
A general module theoretic framework for vector M-Pade and matrix rational interpolation
pp. 451-462

J. van Iseghem
Best choice of the pole for the Padi-type approximant of a Stieltjes function
pp. 463-476

E.J. Weniger
Interpolation between sequence transformations
pp. 477-486

Volume 4, No. I-II, 1993

J.-P. Dedieu and J.-C. Yakoubsohn
Computing the real roots of a polynomial by the exclusion algorithm

L. Stolovitch
On the computation of a versal family of matrices

F.D. Barb and M.Weiss
Model reduction techniques for sampled-data systems

M. Marletta
Automatic solution of regular and singular vector Sturm-Liouville problems

S. van Huffel and H. Zha
An efficient Total Least Squares algorithm based on a rank-revealing two-sided orthogonal decomposition

Th. Sonar
On the design of an upwind scheme for compressible flow on general triangulations

P.C. Hansen
Fast orthogonal decomposition of rank deficient Toeplitz matrices

K. Li and T.-Y. Li
A homotopy algorithm for a symmetric generalized eigenproblem

W. Niethammer
A note on the implementation of the successive overrelaxation for linear complementarity problems

Volume 4, No. III, 1993

Y. Xu, W.A. Light and E.W. Cheney
Constructive methods of approximation by ridge functions and radial functions

P. Levrie and A. Bultheel
A note on Thiele n-fractions

M.A. Diniz-Ehrhardt and J.M. Martinez
A parallel projection method for overdetermined nonlinear systems of equations

Nguyen huu Cong
A-stable diagonally implicit Runge-Kutta-Nystrom methods for parallel computers

M. Calvo, J.I. Montijano and L. Randez
On the change of step size in multistep codes

Volume 4, No. IV, 1993

S. Durand
Convergence of cascade algorithms introduced by I. Daubechies

K. Strom
Products of B-patches

C. Clavero and F. Lisbona
Uniformly convergent finite difference methods for singularly perturbed problems with turning points

K. Jbilou
A general projection algorithm for solving systems of linear equations

P. Joly and G. Meurant
Complex conjugate gradient methods

Volume 5, 1993, Algorithms for Approximation III, Editors: M.G. Cox and J.C. Mason

Part 1: Development of Algorithms

1. Spline Approximation and Applications

C. de Boor
On the evaluation of box splines

J.C. Mason, G. Rodriguez and S. Seatzu
Orthogonal splines based on B-splines - with applications to least squares, smoothing and regularisation problems

B.L. MacCarthy, C.S. Syan and M. Caulfield-Browne
Splines in motion - An introduction to MODUS and some unresolved approximation problems

G. Plonka
An efficient algorithm for periodic Hermite spline interpolation with shifted nodes

L. Traversoni
An algorithm for natural spline interpolation

R. van Damme
An algorithm for determining the approximation orders of multivariate periodic spline spaces

2. Radial Basis Functions and Applications

I. Barrodale, R. Kuwahara, R. Poeckert and D. Skea
Side-scan sonar image processing using thin plate splines and control point matching

M.J.D. Powell
Truncated Laurent expansions for the fast evaluation of thin plate splines

D. Handscomb
Local recovery of a solenoidal vector field by an extension of the thin-plate spline technique

3. Interpolation

M.G. Cox
Reliable determination of interpolating polynomials

J.-P. Berrut
A closed formula for the Chebyshev barycentric weights of optimal approximation in H2

M. Dohlen and M. Floater
Iterative polynomial interpolation and data compression

J. Prestin
Lagrange interpolation on extended generalized Jacobi nodes

4. Multivariate Approximation

I.J. Anderson, M.G. Cox and J.C. Mason
Tensor-product spline interpolation to data on or near a family of lines

L. Lenarduzzi
Practical selection of neighbourhoods for local regression in the bivariate case

S. Thiry
Extremal signatures for bivariate Chebyshev approximation problems

5. Generic Approximation

W. Dahmen
Decomposition of refinable spaces and applications to operator equations

W.A. Light
Techniques for generating approximations via convolution kernels

G.A. Watson
On matrix approximation problems with Ky Fan k norms

6. Nonlinear Approximation

I.D. Coope and P.R. Graves-Morris
The rise and fall of the vector epsilon algorithm

B. Fischer and J. Modersitzki
An algorithm for complex linear approximation based on semi-infinite programming

M.-P. Istace and J.-P. Thiran
On computing best Chebyshev complex rational approximants

K. Jonasson
A projected conjugate gradient method for sparse minimax problems

J. Williams and Z. Kalogiratou
Nonlinear Chebyshev fitting from the solution of ordinary differential equations

7. Constrained Approximation

M.T. Bozzini and C. Paracelli
An algorithm for constrained smoothing functions

R.H. Chan and P.T.P. Tang
Constrained minimax approximation and optimal preconditioners for Toeplitz matrices

G.H. Elliott
Least squares data fitting using shape preserving piecewise approximations

8. Smoothing and Regularization

C.A. Micchelli
Optimal estimation of linear operators from inaccurate data: a second look

G. Rodriguez and S. Seatzu
Approximation methods for the finite moment problem

K.W. Bosworth and U. Lall
An L1 smoothing spline algorithm with cross validation

D. de Falco, K.M. Frontini and L. Gotusso
A unifying approach to the regularization of Fourier polynomials

Part 2: Applications

9. Integrals and Integral Equations

C. Barone and E. Venturino
On the numerical evaluation of Cauchy transforms

L. Brutman
An application of the generalized alternating polynomials to the numerical solution of Fredholm integral equations

C. Dagnino, V. Demichelis and E. Santi
An algorithm for numerical integration based on quasi-interpolating splines

M. Tasche
Fast algorithms for discrete Chebyshev-Vandermonde transforms and applications

10. Metrology

B.P. Butler and A.B. Forbes
An algorithm for combining data sets having different frames of reference

P. Ciarlini and F. Pavese
Application of special reduction procedures to metrological data

M.G. Cox, P.M. Harris and D.A. Humphreys
An algorithm for the removal of noise and jitter in signals and its application to picosecond electrical measurement

R. Drieschner
Chebyshev approximation to data by geometric elements

A.B. Forbes
Generalized regression problems in metrology

H.-P. Helfrich and D. Zwick
A trust region method for implicit orthogonal distance regression

11. Geometric Modelling

E. Galligani
C1 surface interpolation with constraints

B.J. Hogervorst and R. van Damme
Degenerate polynomial patches of degree 11 for almost GC2 interpolation over triangles

P.R. Pfluger and M. Neamtu
On degenearate surface patches

S. Rippa
Scattered data interpolation using minimum energy Powell-Sabin elements and data dependent triangulations

12. Applications in Other Disciplines

E. Grosse
Approximation in VLSI simulation

R. Model and L. Trahms
An inverse problem of magnetic source localization

A. Potchinkov and R. Reemtsen
A globally most violated cutting plane method for complex minimax problems with application to digital filter design

V.V.S.S. Sastry
Algorithms for the computation of Hankel functions of complex order

Volume 6, No. I-II, 1994

P.C. Hansen
Regularization tools: A Matlab package for analysis and solution of discrete ill-posed problems

Z. Huang
The semilocal convergence of a generalization of Brent's and Brown's methods

J.-C. Yakoubsohn
Approximating the zeros of analytic functions by the exclusion algorithm

T.F. Chan and J.A. Olkin
Circulant preconditioners for Toeplitz-block matrices

B.J.C. Baxter and C.A.E. Micchelli
Norm estimates for the l2-inverses of multivariate Toeplitz matrices

H. Allouche and A. Cuyt
Singular rules for a multivariate quotient-difference algorithm

H. Allouche and A. Cuyt
Well-defined determinant representations for non-normal multivariate rational interpolants

J.-P. Dedieu and Ch. Favardin
Algorithms for ordering unorganized points along parametrized curves

Volume 6, No. III-IV, 1994

S. Elhay and J. Kautsky
Jacobi matrices for measures modified by a rational factor

A. Sidi
Convergence of intermediate rows of minimal polynomial and reduced rank extrapolation tables

J.C. Dodu, T. Eve and M. Minoux
Implementation of a proximal algorithm for linearly constrained nonsmooth optimalization problems and computational results

D. Amitai, A. Averbuch, S. Itzikowitz and E. Turkel
Asynchronous and corrected-asynchronous finite differences solutions of PDEs on MIMD multiprocessors

G. Plonka
Optimal shift parameters for periodic spline interpolation

A.-M. Bellido
Construction of iteration functions for the simultaneous computation of the solutions of equations and algebraic systems

M.K. Ng and R.H. Chan
Fast iterative methods for least squares estimations

J.-C. Fiorot, P. Jeannin and S. Taleb
New control massic polygon of a B-rational curve resulting from a homographic change of parameter

Volume 7, No. I, 1994

R.E. Bank and T.F. Chan
A composite step bi-conjugate gradient algorithm for nonsymmetric linear systems
pp. 1-16

T.F. Chan and T. Szeto
A composite step conjugate gradients squared algorithm for solving nonsymmetric linear systems
pp. 17-32

C. Brezinski and M. Redivo-Zaglia
Treatment of near-breakdown in the CGS algorithm
pp. 33-74

G.L.G. Sleijpen, H.A. van der Vorst and D.R. Fokkema
BiCGstab(lG) and other hybrid Bi-CG methods
pp. 75-109

Volume 7, No. II-IV, 1994

C.S. Kenney and A.J. Lamb
A hyperbolic tangen identify and the geometry of Pade sign function iterations
pp. 111-128

J.-M. Chesneaux
The equality relations in scientific computing
pp. 129-144

M. Mitrouli and G. Kalogeropoulos
A compound matrix algorithm for the computation of the Smith form of a polynomial matrix
pp. 145-160

G. Walz
Asymptotic expansions for classical and generalized divided differences including applications
pp. 161-172

A. A. Dubrulle and G. H. Golub
A multishift QR iteration without computation of the shifts
pp. 173-182

M. Hanke and J. F. Nagy
Toeplitz approximate inverse preconditioner for banded Toeplitz matrices
pp. 183-200

C. B Dunham
Uniform approximation by McCallig rationals
pp. 201-204

R. Wright, J. Cash and G. Moore
Mesh selection for stiff two-point boundary value problems
pp. 205-224

A. Salam
Non-cummutative extrapolation algorithms
pp. 225-252

Xingping Sun
Cardinal Hermite interpolation using positive definite functions
pp. 253-268

P. T. Keenan
Mixed methods on quadrilaterals and hexahedra
pp. 269-294

P. Ciarlet, Jr
Repeated Red-Black ordering: a new approach
pp. 295-324

S. J. Olszanskyi, J. M. Lebak and A. W. Bojanczyk
Rank-k modification methods for recursive least squares problems
pp. 325-354

C. Oara
Proper deflating subspaces: properties, algorithms and applications
pp. 355-374

L. Hemmingsson
A fast modified sine transform for solving block-tridiagonal systems with Teoplitz blocks
pp. 375-390

J.-L. Merrien
Dyadic Hermite interpolants on a triangulation
pp. 391-410

Volume 8, No. 1, 1994

R. Turcajova
Factorizations and construction of linear phase paraunitary filter banks and higher multiplicity wavelets
pp. 1-25

R. Turcajova and J. Kautsky
Shift products and factorizations of wavelet matrices
pp. 27-45

H.H.H. Homeier
A hierarchically consistent, iterative sequence transformation
pp. 47-81

T.O. Espelid and K.J. Overholt
DQAINF: an algorithm for automatic integration of infinite oscillating tails
pp. 83-101

G. Muelbach and M. Gasca
Multivariate polynomial interpolation under projectivities III: Remainder formulas
pp. 103-109

G. Sun and M. Stynes
Finite element methods on piecewise equidistant meshes for interior turning point problems
pp. 111-129

X. Sun
The fundamentality of translates of a continuous function on spheres
pp. 131-134

G.A. Watson
Linear best approximation using a class of k-major lp norms
pp. 135-146

Volume 8, No. II-IV, 1994

E. Arge and M. Floater
Approximating scattered data with discontinuities
pp. 149-166

B. Bialecki
Cyclic reduction and FACR methods for piecewise Hermite bicubic orthogonal spline collocation
pp. 167-184

B.G Zaslavsky and A. Moskvin
Numerical solution of positive control problem via linear programming
pp. 185-199

T.O. Espelid and A. Genz
DECUHR: an algorithm for automatic integration of singular functions over a hyperrectangular region
pp. 201-220

Y. Censor and T. Elfving
A multiprojection algorithm using Bregman projections in a product space
pp. 221-239

G.H. Golub and Z. Strakos
Estimates in quadratic formulas
pp. 241-268

K. Li, T-Y. Li and Z. Zeng
An algorithm for the generalized symmetric tridiagonal eigenvalue problem
pp. 269-291

P.J. van der Houwen, B.P. Sommeijer and W.A. van der Veen
Parallelism across the steps in iterated Runge-Kutta methods for stiff initial value problems
pp. 293-312

S. Tokarzewski, J. Blawzdziewicz and I. Andrianov
Two-point Pade approximants for formal Stieljes series
pp. 313-328

T.F. Chan and J. Zou
Additive Schwarz domain decomposition methods for elliptic problems on unstructured meshes
pp. 329-346

D. Lee
Fast parallel solution of the Poisson equation on irregular domains
pp. 347-362

Volume 9, No. 1 - 2, 1995

G. Xue
On an open problem in spherical facility location
pp. 1-12

J.W. Rogers Jr
Potential transformation methods for large-scale constrained global optimization
pp. 13-24

J.C. Mason and G.H. Elliott
Constrained near-minimax approximation by weighted expansion and interpolation using Chebyshev polynomials of the second, third and fourth kinds
pp. 39-54

D. Healy, T. Olson and J. Weaver
Reduced motion artifacts in medical imaging by adaptive spatio-temporal reconstruction
pp. 55-84

K.W. Bosworth and U. Lall
LOWLAD: a locally weighted L1 smoothing spline algorithm with cross validated choice of smoothing parameters
pp. 85-106

D. Gifford and R. Huotari
Best L1 approximation by convex functions
pp. 107-112

D. Levin and E. Nadler
Convexity preserving interpolation by algebraic curves and surfaces
pp. 113-140

K. Zhao
Best interpolation in seminorm with convex constraints
pp. 141-156

R.K. Wright
Spline fitting discontinuous functions given just a few Fourier coefficients
pp. 157-170

H.-P. Helfrich and D. Zwick
Trust region algorithms for the nonlinear least distance problem
pp. 171-179

Volume 9, No. 3 - 4, 1995

Z.-C. Li
Splitting--integrating method for inverse transformation of n-dimensional digital images and patterns
pp. 181-198

W. Gautschi
The work of Philip Rabinowitz on numerical integration
pp. 199-222

J.-C. Yakoubsohn
A universal constant for the convergence of Newton's method and an application to the classical homotopy method
pp. 223-244

G. Steidl
On multivariate attenuation factors
pp. 245-262

K. Willemans and P. Dierckx
Nonnegative surface fitting with Powell-Sabin splines
pp. 263-276

C.K. Chui and T.X. He
Bivariate interpolatory rational splines
pp. 277-292

J. Prestin and E. Quak
Trigonometric interpolation and wavelet decompositions
pp. 293-318

D. Lee and H. Wozniakowski
Testing nonlinear operators
pp. 319-342

R.G. Campos
A quadrature formula for the Hankel transform
pp. 343-354

W. Krajewski, A. Lepschy, M. Redivo-Zaglia and U. Viaro
A program for solving the L2 reduced-order model problem with fixed denominator degree
pp. 355-378

C. Gonzalez Concepcion, V. Cano Fernandez and C. Gil Fariqa
The e-algorithm for the identification of a transfer-function model: some applications
pp. 379-396

T.F. Chan and J. Zou
Erratum to ``Additive Schwarz domain decomposition methods for elliptic problems on unstructured meshes''
p. 397

Book reviews
pp. 399-406

Volume 10, No. 1-2, 1995

G. Baszenski and F.-J. Delvos
Computational aspects of Boolean cubature
pp. 1-12

B.C. Carlson
Numerical computation of real or complex elliptic integrals
pp. 13-26

L. Gori and E. Santi
On the evaluation of Hilbert transforms by means of a particularclass of Turan quadrature rules
pp. 27-40

D.B. Hunter
The evaluation of Legendre functions of the second kind
pp. 41-50

A. Iserles and S.P. Norsett
Explicit representations of biorthogonal polynomials
pp. 51-68

L. Lorentzen
Computation of limit periodic continued fractions. A survey
pp. 69-112

G. Mastroianni
Generalized Christoffel functions and error of positive quadrature
pp. 113-126

G.V. Milovanovic
Summation of series and Gaussian quadratures II
pp. 127-136

J.M. Montaner and M. Alfaro
On five-diagonal Toeplitz matrices and orthogonal polynomials on the unit circle
pp. 137-154

M. Morandi Cecchi and E. Pirozzi
A recursive algorithm by the moments method to evaluate a class of numerical integrals over an infinite interval
pp. 155-166

S.E. Notaris
Stieltjes polynomials and Gauss-Kronrod quadrature formulae for measures induced by Chebyshev polynomials
pp. 167-186

K. Petras
Gaussian integration of Chebyshev polynomials and analytic functions
pp. 187-202

Volume 10, No. 3-4, 1995

G.L.G. Sleijpen and H.A. van der Vorst
Maintaining convergence properties of BiCGstab methods in finite precision arithmetic
pp. 203-224

A.W. Bojanczyk, R.P. Brent and F.R. de Hoog
Stability analysis of a general Toeplitz systems solver
pp. 225-244

X. Yan
Multistep methods for differential algebraic equation
pp. 245-260

M.C. Bartholomew-Biggs and S. Zakovic
Using Markov's interval arithmetic to evaluate Bessel-Ricatti functions
pp. 261-288

A. Bultheel and M. Van Barel
Formal orthogonal polynomials and Hankel/Toeplitz duality
pp. 289-336

S. Paszkowski
Quasipower and hypergeometric series -- construction and evaluation
pp. 337-362

S.H. Lui and G.H. Golub
Homotopy method for the numerical solution of the eigenvalue problem of self-adjoint partial differential operators
pp. 363-378

J. Choi, J.J. Dongarra and D.W. Walker
The design of a parallel dense linear algebra software library Reduction to Hessenberg, tridiagonal, and bidiagonal form
pp. 379-400

J. Levesley
Convolution kernels based on thin-plate splines
pp. 401-420

P. Ciarlini and F. Pavese
Erratum to ``Application of special reduction procedures to metrological data''
pp. 421

Volume 11, No. 1-4

The stable computation of orthogonal polynomials
P. Beckermann

The algebra of linear functionals on polynomials, with applications to Pade approximation.
C. Brezinski and P. Marioni

A look-ahead strategy for the implementation of some old and new extrapolation methods
C. Brezinski and M. Redivo-Zaglia

Orthogonal rational functions and modified approximants
A. Bultheel, P. Gonzalez-Vera, E. Hendriksen and O. Njåstad

Orthogonal Polynomials, Pade approximations and A-stability
J.C. Butcher

A hybrid iterative method for symmetric positive definite linear systems
D. Calvetti and L. Reichel

Breakdown and near-breakdown control in the CGS algorithm using stochastic arithmetic
J.-M Chesneaux and A.C. Matos

Computation of special functions by Pade approximants with orthogonal polynomial denominators
C.M. Craviotto, W.B. Jones, W.J. Thron and N.J. Wyshinski

Formal orthogonal polynomials revisited. Applications
A. Draux

The Pade-Rayleigh-Ritz method for solving large hermitian eigenproblems

A note on conjugate-gradient type methos for indefinite and/or inconsistent linear systems
B. Fischer, M. Hanke and M. Hochbruck

A new approach to acceleration of convergence of a sequence of vectors
P.R. Graves-Morris

Asymptotics of othogonal polynomials and the numerical solution of illposed problems
M. Hanke

Biorthogonal polynomials: Recent developments
A. Iserles

A note on Koornwinder's polynomials with weight function (1-x)\alpha (1+x)\beta + M \delta (x+1) + N \delta (x-1)
H. Kiesel and J. Wimp

On a regular form defined by a pseudo-function
P. Maroni

Some convergence results for the generalized Pade-type approximants
A.C. Matos

A stable Nystrom interpolant for some Mellin convolution equations
C. Monegato

The modified bordering method to evaluate eigenvalues and eigenvectors of normal matrices
M. Morandi Cecchi and E. Di Nardo

Dual-orthogonal polynomials
S.P Nørsett and B. Østigård

An algebraic approach to the vector \epsilon-algorithm
A. Salam

Approximation of function given by its Laurent series
J. van Iseghem and P.R. Graves-Morris

Volume 12, No. 1-2, 1996

E.J. Grimme, D.C. Sorensen and P. van Dooren
Model reduction of state space systems via an implicitly restarted Lanczos method
pp. 1-32

K. Gallivan, E. Grimme and P. van Dooren
A rational Lanczos algorithm for model reduction
pp. 33-64

M. Arioli, H. Munthe-Kaas and L. Valdettaro
Compoment error analysis for FFTs with applications to fast Helmholtz solvers
pp. 65-88

K. Pan
On the method of finding frequencies with large amplitudes
pp. 89-96

Q. Ye
An adaptive block Lanczos algorithm
pp. 97-110

B. Mulansky and J.W. Schmidt
Constructive methods in convex C2 interpolation using quartic splines
pp. 111-124

D. Calvetti and L. Reichel
An adaptive Richardson iteration method for indefinite linear systems
pp. 125-150

A. Gresbrand
Rational B-splines with prescribed poles
pp. 151-158

D. Amitai, A. Averbuch, M. Israeli and S. Itzikowitz
On parallel asynchronous high-order solutions of parabolic PDE's
pp. 159-192

P. Ciarlet, Jr and F. Lamour
On the validity of a front-oriented approach to partitioning large sparse graphs with a connectivity constraint
pp. 193-214

K. Willemans and P. Dierckx
Smoothing scattered data with a monotone Powell-Sabin spline surface
pp. 215-232

C.H. Tong and Q. Ye
A linear system solver based on a modified Krylov subspace method for breakdown recovery
pp. 233-252

Volume 13 (1996) Nos. 1,2

An automatic integration procedure for infinite range integrals involving
oscillatory kernels. T. Hasegawa and A. Sidi

Computing a family of reprodusing kernels for statistical applications
C. Thomas-Agnan

Isotropic refinement and recoarsening in two dimensions
D. Hempel

Preconditioned Barzilai-Borwein method for the numerical solution of partial differential equations
B. Molina and M. Raydan

A globally convergent method for solving nonlinear equations without the differentiability condition
A. Pietrus

On the comparison of four different implementations of a third-order ENO scheme of box type for the computation of compressible flow
D. Hietel, A. Meister and T. Sonar

Approximating dominant singular triplets of large sparse matrices via modified moments
S. Varadhan, M.W. Berry and G.H. Golub

Volume 13, No. 3-4, 1996

On the quality of algorithms based on spline interpolation
Helmut Brass
pp. 159-177

Numerical computation of polynomial zeros by means of Aberth's method
Dario Andrea Bini
pp. 179-200

Does contraction preserve triangular meshes?
P. Ciarlet, Jr and F. Lamour
pp. 201-223

Analysis of discrete techniques for image transformation
Zi-Cai Li
pp. 225-263

A blossoming approach to accuracy of the degree elevation process
J.-C. Fiorot and P. Jeannin
pp. 265-306

Hermite forms
Thomas Hermann On the stability of polynomial transformations between Taylor, Bernstein and
pp. 307-320

associated with the unit circle
A. Bultheel, P. Gonzalez-Vera, E. Hendriksen and O. Njastad On the convergence of multipoint Pade-type approximants and quadrature formulas
pp. 321-344

Piecewise linear interpolants to Lagrange and Hermite convex scattered data
J. M. Carnicer and M. S. Floater
pp. 345-364

Tony F. Chan and Jun Zou A convergence theory of multilevel additive Schwarz methods on unstructured
pp. 365-398

Book Reviews
C. Brezinski
pp. 399-404

Volume 14, No. 1-3, 1997

Luca Dieci, Don Estep and Eric Van de Velde
pp. 0

Uri M. Ascher
Stabilization of invariants of discretized differential systems
pp. 1-24

Uri M. Beyn and Don Kleinkauf
Numerical approximation of homoclinic chaos
pp. 25-53

Brian A. Coomes, Huseyin Kocak and Kenneth J. Palmer
Long periodic shadowing
pp. 55-78

Luca Dieci and Jens Lorenz
Lyapunov-type numbers and torus breakdown: numerical aspects and a case study
pp. 79-102

Luca Doedel, Jens Friedman and Kenneth J. Kunin
Successive continuation for locating connecting orbits
pp. 103-124

Mark E. Johnson, Michael S. Jolly and Ioannis G. Kevrekidis
Two-dimensional invariant manifolds and global bifurcations: some approximation and visualization studies
pp. 125-140

Peter E. Kloeden and Bjoern Schmalfuss
Nonautonomous systems, cocycle attractors and variable time-step discretization
pp. 141-152

Martin W. Lo
Libration point trajectory design
pp. 153-164

Andrei A. Lyashenko
On the stability of the spectral Galerkin approximation
pp. 165-178

James C. Robinson
Convergent families of inertial manifolds for convergent approximations
pp. 179-188

Tony Shardlow
Inertial manifolds and linear multi-step methods
pp. 189-209

Tony Smiley
Numerical bifurcation and stability analysis for steady-states of reaction diffusion equations
pp. 211-225

Tony Stuart
Probabilistic and deterministic convergence proofs for software for initial value problems
pp. 227-260

Alexander Tovbis
Homoclinic connections and numerical integration
pp. 261-267

Volume 14 (1997) No. 4

Zhilin Li
Immersed interface methods for moving interface problems
pp. 269-293

Zhong-Zhi Bai
A class of two-stage iterative methods for systems of weakly nonlinear equations
pp. 295-319

Andre Draux and Borhane Moalla
Rectangular matrix Pade approximants and square matrix orthogonal polynomials
pp. 321-341

Abdelmalek Nigro and Pierre-Jean Laurent
Progressive stable interpolation
pp. 343-359

Francois Alouges and Philippe Loreaux
Massively parallel preconditioners for symmetric positive definite linear systems
pp. 361-375

Leif Kobbelt
Stable evaluation of box-splines
pp. 377-382

Wayne Lawton and Charles A. Micchelli
Construction of conjugate quadrature filters with specified zeros
pp. 383-399

Book reviews
pp. 401-403

Volume 15 (1997) No. 1

Ulrich Reif
Uniform B-spline approximation in Sobolev spaces
pp. 1-14

Robert Erra and Bernard Philippe
On some structured inverse eigenvalue problems
pp. 15-35

Ricardo D. Fierro and Per Christian Hansen
Low-rank revealing UTV decompositions
pp. 37-55

Dario Andrea Bini and Beatrice Meini
Improved cyclic reduction for solving queueing problems
pp. 57-74

M. Kzaz
Gaussian quadrature and acceleration of convergence
pp. 75-89

Luca Gemignani
Chebyshev rational interpolation
pp. 91-110

C. Arnold
Formal continued fractions solutions of the generalized second order Riccati equations, applications
pp. 111-134

Claude Brezinski
Book reviews
pp. 135-137

Volume 15 (1997) No. 2

A piecewise approach to piecewise approximation
I.J. Anderson
pp. 139-152

On interpolation with products of positive definite functions
Hans Strauss
pp. 153-165

Matrix Pade Approximation of rational functions
Celina Pestano-Gabino and Concepcion Gonzalez-Concepcion
pp. 167-192

Well-conditioned computation for H\infty controller near the optimum
Vasile Dragan, Aristide Halanay and Adrian Stoica
pp. 193-206

Numerical algorithms for uniform Airy-type asymptotic expansions
N.M. Temme
pp. 207-225

Stable iterations for the matrix square root
Nicholas J. Higham
pp. 227-242

Book reviews
C. Brezinski
pp. 243-246

Volume 15, No. 3-4, 1998

P.R. Graves-Morris
A "Look-around Lanczos" algorithm for solving a system of linear equations
pp. 247-274

A. Benazzouz
Quasilinear sequence transformations
pp. 275-285

A. Averbuch, L. Vozovoi and M. Israeli
On a fast direct elliptic solver by a modified Fourier method
pp. 287-313

J. Bahi, J.C. Miellou and K. Rhofir
Asynchronous multisplitting methods for nonlinear fixed point problems
pp. 315-345

Zhong-Zhi Bai
Parallel multisplitting two-stage iterative methods for large sparse systems of weakly nonlinear equations
pp. 347-372

Pierre-Jean Laurent, Marie-Laurence Mazure and Voichita Teodora Maxim
Chebyshev splines and shape parameters
pp. 373-383

Claude Brezinski
Book reviews
pp. 385-388

Volume 16, No. 1

Second Symposium on New Techniques for the Treatment of Sparse Matrices for Industrial Problems
pp. 0

Guillaume Alleon, Michele Benzi and Luc Giraud
Sparse approximate inverse preconditioning for dense linear systems arising in computational electromagnetics
pp. 1-15

B. Dumitrescu, M. Doreille, J.-L. Roch and D. Trystram
Two-dimensional block partitionings for the parallel sparse Cholesky factorization
pp. 17-38

J.P. Gregoire, C. Rose and B. Thomas
Direct and iterative solvers for finite-element problems
pp. 39-53

Vincent Heuveline, Bernard Philippe and Miloud Sadkane
Parallel computation of spectral portrait of large matrices by Davidson type methods
pp. 55-75

Gerard Meurant
The computation of bounds for the norm of the error in the conjugate gradient algorithm
pp. 77-87

Volume 16, No. 2

M. Mitrouli and C. Koukouvinos
On the computation of the Smith normal form of compound matrices
pp. 95-105

W.H. Enright and Min Hu
Improving performance when solving high-order and mixed-order boundary value problems in ODEs
pp. 107-116

Relja Vulanovic
Fourth order algorithms for a semilinear singular perturbation problem
pp. 117-128

Qiming He, Lishan Kang and D.J. Evans
Convergence and stability of the finite difference scheme for nonlinear parabolic systems with time delay
pp. 129-153

Tim Gutzmer and Armin Iske
Detection of discontinuities in scattered data approximation
pp. 155-170

Yves Lucet
Faster than the Fast Legendre Transform, the Linear-time Legendre Transform
pp. 171-185

Luc Rebillard
Rational approximation in the complex plane using a \tau-method and computer algebra
pp. 187-208

J.C. Butcher, P. Chartier and Z. Jackiewicz
Nordsieck representation of DIMSIMs
pp. 209-230

Volume 16 (1997) Nos. 3, 4

Kai Diethelm and Guido Walz
Numerical solution of fractional order differential equations by extrapolation
pp. 231-253

Rosemary Renaut and Yi Su
Evaluation of Chebyshev pseudospectral methods for third order differential equations
pp. 255-281

Milvia Rossini
Irregularity detection from noisy data in one and two dimensions
pp. 283-301

Sven Ehrich
Sard-optimal prefilters for the Fast Wavelet Transform
pp. 303-319

P. Verlinden, D.M. Potts and J.N. Lyness
Error expansions for multidimensional trapezoidal rules with Sidi transformations
pp. 321-347

W.H. Enright and H. Hayashi
A delay differential equation solver based on a continuous Runge--Kutta method with defect control
pp. 349-364

Xiu Ye and Charles A. Hall
A discrete divergence-free basis for finite element methods
pp. 365-380

Claude Brezinski
Book reviews
pp. 381-382

Volume 17 (1998) Nos. 1,2

Jean Piquet and Xavier Vasseur
Multigrid preconditioned Krylov subspace methods for three-dimensional numerical solutions of the incompressible Navier--Stokes equations
pp. 1-32

D.E. Roberts
A vector Chebyshev algorithm
pp. 33-50

Tony F. Chan, Lisette de Pillis and Henk van der Vorst
Transpose-free formulations of Lanczos-type methods for nonsymmetric linear systems
pp. 51-66

C. Brezinski and M. Redivo-Zaglia
Transpose-free Lanczos-type algorithms for nonsymmetric linear systems
pp. 67-103

Faezeh Toutounian
The stable ATA-orthogonal s-step Orthomin(k) algorithm with the CADNA library
pp. 105-119

J.C. Butcher and M.T. Diamantakis
DESIRE: diagonally extended singly implicit Runge--Kutta effective order methods
pp. 121-145

Frauke Sprengel
Periodic interpolation and wavelets on sparse grids
pp. 147-169

Vu Hoang Linh
On some questions arising in numerical realization of amplitude-phase methods
pp. 171-191

Volume 17, No. 3-4, 1998

J.C. Butcher
ARK methods up to order five
pp. 193-221

Herbert H.H. Homeier
On the stability of the J transformation
pp. 223-239

J.W. Schmidt and M. Bastian-Walther
Algorithm for constructing range restricted histosplines
pp. 241-260

Vishwani D. Agrawal, David Lee and Henryk Wozniakowski
Numerical computation of characteristic polynomials of Boolean functions and its applications
pp. 261-278

Christian Rey and Franck Risler
A Rayleigh--Ritz preconditioner for the iterative solution to large scale nonlinear problems
pp. 279-311

Miodrag S. Petkovic, Dorde Herceg and Snezana Ilic
Safe convergence of simultaneous methods for polynomial zeros
pp. 313-331

N. Mansouri and J.P Kernévez
Estimation of parameters in nonlinear problems
pp. 333-343

G. Papageorgiou, I.Th. Famelis and Ch. Tsitouras
A P-stable singly diagonally implicit Runge--Kutta--Nyström method
pp. 345-353

pp. 355-355

Book reviews
pp. 357-358

Volume 18, No. 1

Herbert H.H. Homeier
An asymptotically hierarchy-consistent, iterative sequence transformation for convergence acceleration of Fourier series
pp. 1-30

Gorik De Samblanx and Adhemar Bultheel
Nested Lanczos: implicitly restarting an unsymmetric Lanczos algorithm
pp. 31-50

Z. Bartoszewski and Z. Jackiewicz
Construction of two-step Runge--Kutta methods of high order for ordinary differential equations
pp. 51-70

M.O. Bristeau and J.
Augmented conjugate gradient. Application in an iterative process for the solution of scattering problems
pp. 71-90

Birkett Huber and Jan Verschelde
Polyhedral end games for polynomial continuation
pp. 91-108

Volume 18, No. 2

Avram Sidi and Yair Shapira
Upper bounds for convergence rates of acceleration methods with initial iterations
pp. 113-132

Prabir Daripa and Daoud Mashat
Singular integral transforms and fast numerical algorithms
pp. 133-157

Prabir Daripa and Daoud Mashat
An efficient and novel numerical method for quasiconformal mappings of doubly connected domains
pp. 159-175

Ubaldo M. García-Palomares and Francisco J. González-Castaño
Incomplete projection algorithms for solving the convex feasibility problem
pp. 177-193

Ilan Bar-On and Marcin Paprzycki
High performance solution of the complex symmetric eigenproblem
pp. 195-208

Volume 22, No. 3-4, 1999

J.C. Butcher, P. Chartier and Z. Jackiewicz
Experiments with a variable-order type 1 DIMSIM code
pp. 237-261

Carsten R. Maple and Marco Marletta
Solving Hamiltonian systems arising from ODE eigenproblems
pp. 263-284

Marie-Laurence Mazure
Bernstein bases in Müntz spaces
pp. 285-304

Manuel A. Gómez
An O(n2) active set algorithm for the solution of a parametric quadratic program
pp. 305-316

G. Mühlbach
A recurrence relation for generalized divided differences with respect to ECT-systems
pp. 317-326

Ricardo Celorrio and Francisco-Javier Sayas
Full collocation methods for some boundary integral equations
pp. 327-351

Gérard Meurant
Numerical experiments in computing bounds for the norm of the error in the preconditioned conjugate gradient algorithm
pp. 353-365

C.-S. Chien, H.-S. Chou and B.-W. Jeng
A continuation--domain decomposition algorithm for bifurcation problems
pp. 367-383

Book reviews
pp. 385-388

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