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Searching Results for W6.6-10.11:
The best we can do with MCMC, and how to do better., 2011-06-06, Colin Fox
Introduction Blitz by Participants, 2011-06-06, All Participants  (Various Institutions)
Confidence in Image Reconstruction, 2011-06-06, Dianne O'Leary  (University of Maryland)
System-theoretical aspects of oil and gas reservoir history matching, 2011-06-07, Jan Dirk Jansen  (Delft University of Technology)
Ocean Uncertainty Prediction and non-Gaussian Data Assimilation with Stochastic PDEs: Bye-Bye Monte-Carlo?, 2011-06-07, Pierre FJ Lermusiaux  (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Ensemble-based methods: filters, smoothers and iteration, 2011-06-07, Dean Oliver  (University of Bergen)
Spatial categorical inversion: Seismic inversion into lithology/fluid classes, 2011-06-07, Henning Omre  (Norwegian University of Science and Techology)
Data Assimilation and Efficient Forward Modeling for Subsurface Flow, 2011-06-08, Louis Durlofsky  (Stanford University)
Workshop Introduction, 2011-06-08, Omar Ghattas and Karen Wilcox  (University of Texas at Austin), Karen Wilcox
Design of simultaneous source, 2011-06-08, Eldad Haber  (University of Britisch Columbia)
Bayesian approaches for combining computational model output and physical observations, 2011-06-08, David Higdon  (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
A map-based approach to Bayesian inference in inverse problems, 2011-06-08, Youssef Marzouk  (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Hierarchical Bayesian Models for Uncertainty Quantification and Model Validation, 2011-06-09, Roger Ghanem  (University of Southern California)
Bayesian Uncertainty Quantification for Subsurface Inversion using Multiscale Hierarchical Model, 2011-06-09, Bani Mallick  (Texas A & M University)
An approach for robust segmentation of images from arbitrary Fourier data using l1 minimization techniques, 2011-06-09, Rosemary Renaut  (Arizona State University)
Hierarchical Bayesian Modeling: Why and How, 2011-06-10, Mark Berliner  (Ohio State University)
Surrogate Response Surfaces in Global Optimization and Uncertainty Quantification of Computationally Expensive Simulations with PDE and Environmental Inverse Applications, 2011-06-10, Christine A. Shoemaker  (Cornell University)
Efficient estimates of prior information and uncertainty with chi-square tests, 2011-06-10, Jodi L. Mead  (Boise State University)
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