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Möbius Transformations Revealed Math and Science are all around us
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Math and Science are everywhere
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Sheaf Homology on Networks, 2014-03-03, Sanjeevi Krishnan  (University of Pennsylvania)
Network Signal Processing: A Topological Paradigm, 2014-03-03, Hamid Krim  (North Carolina State University)
On Vehicle Localization: From Geometry to Topology, 2014-03-03, Alberto Speranzon  (United Technologies Corporation)
Sensor Counts, Topology, and Linear Programming, 2014-03-03, Frederick R. Cohen  (University of Rochester)
Topological Techniques in Graph Search-based Motion Planning, 2014-03-03, Subhrajit Bhattacharya  (University of Pennsylvania)
The Structure and Stability of Persistence Modules, 2014-03-04, Vin de Silva  (Pomona College)
Approximation and Convergence of the First Intrinsic Volume, 2014-03-04, Herbert Edelsbrunner  (Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST))
Good vs. Bad Topological Maps for Mobile Robots, 2014-03-04, Howie Choset  (Carnegie Mellon University)
Theory and Practice for Topological Filters, 2014-03-04, Michael Robinson  (American University)
Evasion Paths in Mobile Sensor Networks, 2014-03-05, Henry Adams  (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities)
Classifying Clustering Schemes, 2014-03-05, Facundo Mémoli  (The Ohio State University)
Geometry and Topology of Large Random Spaces and Groups, 2014-03-05, Michael Farber  (University of Warwick)
Caging and Linking, 2014-03-05, Yuliy Baryshnikov  (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Extrinsic Dexterity for In-Hand Manipulation, 2014-03-06, Matt Mason  (Carnegie Mellon University)
Categorification of Reeb Graphs, 2014-03-06, Elizabeth Munch  (University of Minnesota Twin Cities)
Homological Methods for Quantifying Coverage in Dynamic Sensor Networks, 2014-03-06, Jennifer Gamble  (North Carolina State University)
Topological Tracking, 2014-03-06, Alexis Johnson  (Ayasdi, Inc.)
Persistence of Common Topological Structures by a Commutative Triple Ladder Quiver, 2014-03-06, Yasu Hiraoka  (Kyushu University)
From Persistent Local Homology to Spectral Sequences, 2014-03-07, Primoz Skraba  (Jozef Stefan Institute)
Topological Sensor Networks, 2014-03-07, Pawel Dlotko  (University of Pennsylvania)
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