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Searching Results for W2.22-26.10:
On the singularity formation of a 3D model for Incompressible Euler and Navier-Stokes equations, 2010-02-22, Thomas Yizhao Hou  (California Institute of Technology)
On the limiting behaviour of regularizations of the Euler Equations with vortex sheet initial data, 2010-02-22, Monika Nitsche  (University of New Mexico)
New PDE reduced models for rotating stratified flows, 2010-02-22, Leslie M. Smith  (University of Wisconsin)
On helical flows with little regularity: global existence and vanishing viscosity, 2010-02-22, Helena Nussenzveig Judith Lopes  (State University of Campinas (UNICAMP))
The role of circulation in the collapse of ideal fluids, 2010-02-22, Robert M. Kerr  (University of Warwick)
The role of circulation in the collapse of ideal fluids (continued), 2010-02-22, Robert M. Kerr  (University of Warwick))
Nonlocal Burgers equations and generalized Hopf-Cole transforms, 2010-02-23, Koji Ohkitani  (University of Sheffield)
Active scalars convected by 2D incompressible non-local flow, 2010-02-23, Diego Córdoba  (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC))
Wellposedness of the two and three dimensional full water wave problem, 2010-02-23, Sijue Wu  (University of Michigan)
Asymptotics of small exterior Navier-Stokes flows with non-decaying boundary data, 2010-02-23, Tai-Peng Tsai  (University of British Columbia)
Variational models for incompressible Euler equations, 2010-02-23, Alessio Figalli  (University of Texas)
Zero viscosity limit for incompressible Navier-Stokes equations, 2010-02-24, Zhouping Xin  (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Existence results for some micro-macro models of polymeric flows, 2010-02-24, Nader Masmoudi  (New York University)
Multi-scale nesting and high performance computing simulations of limited area atmospheric environments, 2010-02-24, Alex Mahalov  (Arizona State University)
The quintic NLS as the mean field limit of a Boson gas with three-body interactions, 2010-02-24, Natasa Pavlovic  (University of Texas)
Two puzzles about Couette flows: Sommerfeld paradox and nonlinear inviscid damping, 2010-02-24, Zhiwu Lin  (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Pressure boundary conditions, projection methods and finite-element computations, 2010-02-25, Robert Pego  (Carnegie Mellon University)
The surface quasi-geostrophic equation, 2010-02-25, Jiahong Wu  (Oklahoma State University)
On the partial regularity for solutions of the Navier-Stokes system, 2010-02-25, Igor Kukavica  (University of Southern California)
Stochastic Lagrangian particle systems for the Navier-Stokes and Burgers equations, 2010-02-25, Gautam Iyer  (Stanford University)
Numerical approximation of complex fluids: compactness properties and open questions, 2010-02-25, Noel J. Walkington  (Carnegie Mellon University)
Numerical methods for interfaces and regularizing effects in difference equations, 2010-02-25, J. Thomas Beale  (Duke University)
On stationary anomalous solutions to the Euler equations, 2010-02-26, Roman Shvydkoy  (University of Illinois)
Weak and measure-valued solutions of the Euler equations, 2010-02-26, László Székelyhidi Jr.  (Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn)
Geometric aspects of hydrodynamic blowup, 2010-02-26, Stephen Carl Preston  (University of Colorado)
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