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Searching Results for W2.10-14.14:
High Dimensional Data: Nonlinear Dynamics and Algebraic Topology, 2014-02-10, Konstantin Mischaikow  (Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey)
Semigroups and the Study of Coupled Cell Networks, 2014-02-10, Bob Rink  (Vrije Universiteit)
Dynamical Coordination of Agents through Hierarchies, 2014-02-10, Daniel E. Koditschek  (University of Pennsylvania)
Robust Algorithms for Vector Field Topology, 2014-02-10, Andrzej Szymczak  (Colorado School of Mines)
Computational Topology and Time-series Analysis, 2014-02-10, Elizabeth Bradley  (University of Colorado)
Randomized Adaptive Topology Validation for Nodal Domains, 2014-02-11, Thomas Wanner  (George Mason University)
A Maslov Index for PDEs, 2014-02-11, Christopher K. R. T. Jones  (University of North Carolina)
Outer Approximation and Dynamics via Conley Index Theory, 2014-02-11, Sarah Day  (College of William and Mary)
Characterizing Spatio-temporal Complexity in Fluid Flow Using Computational Homology, 2014-02-11, Michael Schatz  (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Computational Homology, Networks and Structures in Granular Materials, 2014-02-12, Robert P. Behringer  (Duke University)
Self Similar Solutions to Curve Shortening in Rn, 2014-02-12, Sigurd B. Angenent  (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
The Topology of Fluid Mixing, 2014-02-12, Jean-Luc Thiffeault  (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
Arnold Diffusion Phenomena in Celestial Mechanics, 2014-02-12, Marian Gidea  (Yeshiva University)
Analyzing the Dynamics of Pattern Formation in the Space of Persistence Diagrams, 2014-02-12, Miroslav Kramar  (Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey)
Analysis of Global Dynamics from Experimental Data: Case Studies, 2014-02-13, Hiroshi Kokubu  (Kyoto University)
Homology and Fundamental Group Algorithms via Forman's Discrete Morse Theory, 2014-02-13, Marian Mrozek  (Jagiellonian University)
Skeletonization and Partitioning of Digital Images Using Discrete Morse Theory, 2014-02-13, Vanessa Robins  (Australian National University)
The Categorification of Applied Mathematics, 2014-02-13, Robert Ghrist  (University of Pennsylvania)
A New Gene Regulation Modeling Platform: Dynamics Database for Boolean Switching Networks, 2014-02-14, Tomas Gedeon  (Montana State University)
Braided Solutions of Differential Equations, 2014-02-14, Jan Bouwe Van den Berg  (Vrije Universiteit)
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