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Searching Results for W10.28-11.1.13:
The Debye Source Representation for Solutions of Maxwell's Equations, 2013-10-28, Charles L. Epstein  (University of Pennsylvania)
Measuring Distance Between Reeb Graphs, 2013-10-28, Yusu Wang  (The Ohio State University)
A Confluence of Algebraic Topology and Numerical Analysis, 2013-10-28, Douglas N. Arnold  (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities)
Information Geometry: From Divergence Function to Metric, Equiaffine, Symplectic, and Kahler Structures on a Manifold, 2013-10-28, Jun Zhang  (University of Michigan)
The Abstract Hodge--Dirac Operator and its Stable Discretization, 2013-10-28, Ari Stern  (Washington University)
Dynamics in Near-Potential Games, 2013-10-29, Pablo A. Parrilo  (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Using Harmonic Measures to Reveal Source Locations Under Random Walks, 2013-10-29, Jie Gao  (State University of New York, Stony Brook (SUNY))
Exotic Configuration Spaces, 2013-10-29, Yuliy Baryshinikov  (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Random Walks and Diffusion on Simplicial Complexes: From Coverage Verification to a Simplicial Page Rank, 2013-10-29, Ali Jadbabaie  (University of Pennsylvania)
Hodge Theory for Metric Spaces, 2013-10-29, Thomas Schick  (Georg-August-Universität zu Göttingen)
Graph Induced Complex: A Data Sparsifier for Homology Inference, 2013-10-30, Tamal K. Dey  (The Ohio State University)
Statistical Regularities of Self-Intersection Counts for Geodesics on Negatively Curved Surfaces, 2013-10-30, Steven P. Lalley  (University of Chicago)
A Nonlocal Vector Calculus and Nonlocal Balance Laws, 2013-10-30, Richard B. Lehoucq  (Sandia National Laboratories)
Space-Time Finite-Element Exterior Calculus and Variational Discretizations of Gauge Field Theories, 2013-10-30, Melvin Leok  (University of California, San Diego)
Algebraic Topology as Applied to a Problem in Statistical Mechanics, 2013-10-31, John R. Klein  (Wayne State University)
On Operator Representations for Discrete Differential Geometry, 2013-10-31, Mirela Ben-Chen  (Technion-Israel Institute of Technology)
Homology and Cohomology in Visualization: From Vector Fields to Memory Reference Traces, 2013-10-31, Bei Wang  (University of Utah)
Combinatorial Laplacians on Infinite Graphs, 2013-10-31, Jozef Dodziuk  (City University of New York)
Spectral Clustering Revisited, 2013-10-31, Misha Belkin  (The Ohio State University)
Random Walks on Simplicial Complexes and Cheeger Inqualities, 2013-11-01, Sayan Mukherjee  (Duke University)
Vector Diffusion Maps and Random Matrices with Random Blocks, 2013-11-01, Hau-tieng Wu  (Stanford University)
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