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Searching Results for SW11.18-21.13:
Climate Models and Smart Data, 2013-11-18, Hans G Kaper  (Georgetown University)
Spatio-Temporal Data Mining to Survey Global Ocean Dynamics, 2013-11-18, James H. Faghmous  (University of Minnesota Twin Cities)
Exploring Multi-scale and Model-error Treatments in Ensemble Data Assimilation, 2013-11-18, Takemasa Miyoshi  (RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science)
Coupled Data Assimilation for Decadal Climate Prediction, 2013-11-18, Greg Hakim  (University of Washington)
Model Reduction and Fluctuation-Dissipation for Two-Timescale Systems, 2013-11-18, Marc Kjerland  (University of Illinois, Chicago)
Linear Theory for Filtering Nonlinear Multiscale Systems with Model Error, 2013-11-19, John Harlim  (The Pennsylvania State University)
Persistent Cohomology for Dynamical Systems, 2013-11-19, Vin de Silva  (Pomona College)
Extreme Data Management Analysis and Visualization for Climate Data Exploration, 2013-11-19, Valerio Pascucci  (University of Utah)
Particle Filtering for Nonlinear Systems: Proposals and Scalability, 2013-11-19, Laura Slivinski  (Brown University)
Combined Parameter and State Estimation in Lagrangian Data Assimilation, 2013-11-19, Naratip Santitissadeekorn  (University of North Carolina)
Filter Divergence and EnKF, 2013-11-19, David Kelly  (University of Warwick)
Optimal Estimation of CO2 Flux from Targeted Satellite Observations: A Variational Approach, 2013-11-19, Graham Cox  (University of North Carolina)
Influence of Earth's Orbital Nariations on Glacial Cycles., 2013-11-20, Richard P. McGehee  (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities)
The Challenges of Seasonal to Decadal Climate Prediction, 2013-11-20, Ramalingam Saravanan  (Texas A & M University)
Parallel Computing and Bias Correction in Data Assimilation, 2013-11-20, Eric J Kostelich  (Arizona State University)
Assimilating en-route Lagrangian observations, 2013-11-20, Elaine Spiller  (Marquette University)
Implicit Particle Filters, 2013-11-20, Xuemin Tu  (University of Kansas)
Implicit Particle Filters, 2013-11-20, Xuemin Tu  (University of Kansas)
On the Dynamics of Forecast Errors, 2013-11-21, Istvan Szunyogh  (Texas A & M University)
Data Assimilation in Forced Systems, 2013-11-21, Matthew J. Hoffman  (Rochester Institute of Technology)
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